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    ER Diagram Developed

    Develop an ER diagram for the following: A database used in an order-entry system is to contain information about customers, items, and orders. The following information is to be included: ? For each customer: Customer number (unique) "Ship-to" addresses (several per customer) Balance Credit Limit Discount ? For ea

    Database Normalization

    Consider a typical sales invoice that would include the following information. Design a single table to hold all of the information required to store an invoice including this information. Next, apply normalization to reduce this table to third normal form. Prepare a Word document showing the original and final tables. Include a

    CSCI Excel 2003

    CSCI Excel 2003. See attached file for full problem description.

    Normalization and User's Needs

    Please explain to me wheather or not normalization is more or less important than the end user's needs? Is this true is normalization less important than the user's needs or what?

    Scripting with AJAX to add and delete products from a database

    YOU MUST USE DSN and the DSN name must be flamingo!!! Modify the attached codes to reflect AJAX implementation to - add a new product to the attached database found in code.zip, and - delete an existing product from the database, Please test your and document your pages.

    Relations in the 3NF.

    For each of the following relations, indicate the normal form of the relation. Put each relation in the 3NF. a. COURSE (course_id, lab_id, equipment_type), primary key = {course_id, lab_id}. b. COURSE (course_id, lab_id, equipment_type, software_type), primary key = {course_id, Lab_id}, eq

    Which type of database (distributed, centralized or decentralized) to use?

    Consider the following normalized relations for a database in a large retail store chain: EMPLOYEE(Emp_Id, Work_Location, Name, Address) STORE(Store_ID, Region, Manager_ID, Square_Feet) DEPARTMENT(Dep_ID, Manager_ID, Sales, Goal) SCHEDULE(Dep_ID, Emp_ID, Date) Assume that a data communications network links a computer

    Development and Test Databases

    I think we can grasp the need for why development and test databases are necessary. Should we keep full copies of our production environment into the development and test databases? Or do you create development and test data? What are some of the advantages and disadvantages to both?

    Oracle 10g

    Figures 1-24 and 1-25 (attached) display the data and relationships within the Clearwater Traders database. Reference these figures when completing the following cases. 1. Based on the description of the Clearwater Traders database, determine the appropriate constraints for each table. Make certain you consider the following

    Oracle 10g

    Which of the data dictionary views are most useful, and why?

    Data Model for Database Management

    Draft a simple data model that outlines a database management system. This model needs to track people's participation in various fitness activities at a fitness center. List at least 3 entities and at least attributes for each entity.

    User Work Environment

    What can be identified in the users' work environment, something that the users want to track.

    Database Concept

    What are the three types of binary HAS-A relationships in the E-R model?

    Three levels of concurrency

    Could someone please explain to me what are the three levels of concurrency in programs? What level of concurrency is best supported by SIMD computers? What level of concurrency is best supported by MIMD computers?

    Database Concept

    Provide a real world example that demonstrates one of the normal forms.

    A Visual Studio project with two web forms

    CpCreate an MS Access database called "Members.mdb." Add a table called "tblScores" with the following columns. MemberID - AutoNumber FirstName - Text LastName - Text Add at least 10 rows to this table. Create an ASP.NET project with Visual Studio.NET that contains two aspx forms. The first form uses the Login con

    Implement key types and maintain referential integrity of the database.

    Using the final table list you created for Learning Event 3, select the Primary Keys for each table in your list. Then, select one of your tables and complete field specifications for each field. Use the field specifications sheet located on page 286 (Figure 9-1) of your textbook. Note: Your field specifications sheet does n

    Visual Studio Only with ASPX.

    I need help with the following....I need it to be exactly as below using Visual Studio NET 05 with ASPX. Create a database with a table called "tblMenu." This table has the following columns. ID -This is the Primary Key. It has a type of Autonumber. Font:- Text (Set this to unique value.) Add at least five fonts ("A