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    I am using Microsoft SQL Server 2000 1. Database Tables TABLE: Employees Job_title_code Social_security_number Last_name First_name Address City State Zip_code Telephone_area_code Telephone_number Email_address Hire_date Salary TABLE: Job_

    Database analysis

    Please examine this database and provide your input. 1. Are the tables normalized? 2. Are the relationships between the tables correct? 3. Do any of the tables need indexes? 4. Are the indexes correct? 5. Are additional tables required or can any tables be eliminated? See the attached files.

    Database Design: Normalization

    See attach file for details and charts. 1. The following exercises are based on the Premiere Products database. Using your knowledge of Premiere Products, determine the functional dependencies that exist in the following table. After determining the functional dependencies, convert this table to an equivalent collection of

    Auto form

    Please refer to access_11 questions and make changes on database. (please change the file extension to access) The following is also in the attachment 1. Create an AutoForm based on tblOrders. Name the AutoForm object frmOrders. Change the contents of the title bar of the form so that when it dis

    Transform the Following Entities Into 1NF and 2NF Entities

    See the attachment for the problem. Transform the following entities into 1NF and 2NF entities. Draw the original and final data models, and state any reasonable assumptions. (Note: primary keys are underlined) AIRCRAFT (AIRCRAFT ID NUMBER, AIRCRAFT CODE, AIRCRAFT DESCRIPTION, NUMBER OF SEATS) FLIGHT (FLIGHT NUMBER, DEPA


    I need your help on visualizing the attached data in Word to excel. Please see attached and do the following questions in Excel. Thank you very much. 1. create all of the tables for the database. 2. Define all fields. 3. Set captions for all fields. 4. Create all necessary and appropriate relationships.

    Database normal form

    1. Find or create a violation of 1st normal form and demonstrate how you would fix it. 2. Find or create a violation of 2nd normal form and demonstrate how you would fix it. 3. Find or create a violation of BCNF and demonstrate how you would fix it. 4. Find or create an example of a violation of a normal form that you wou

    Er diagram and business rules

    Develop a database in MS Access and a set of reports to support a business like Amazon.com. The following business rules should be addressed. · Customer's may order multiple items · Customer browsing should be monitored so they can be emailed relevant advertising. · Track inventory (Books, authors, publishers, availability

    Database Management Example Problems

    Note the table below. Write an SQL query to show the names and salary of salespeople who have two or more orders. First use a join query and then write the query again using a sub query. SALESPERSON: name, percent_of_quota, salary ORDER: number, cust_name, salesperson_name, amount CUSTOMER: name, cit

    Database Management: Draw an E-R Diagram

    Draw an E-R Diagram showing each entity, its attributes, and it relationships to the other entities. State any assumptions you make. Also Describe your usage of the mailing list, including the dates and subjects of the postings. Bob's Bookworld is a wholesale supplier of textbooks to college bookstores. The company would like