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Simple Relationship Diagrams: ER diagrams

The problems below use the Customer, OrderTbl, and Employee tables of a simplified Order Entry database. The Customer table records clients who have placed orders. The OrderTbl contains the basic facts about customer orders. The Employee table contains facts about employees who take orders. The primary keys of the tables are Cu

Database Proper Sequences

Write the proper sequence of activities in the design of a rental video database. (The initial ERD was shown in the figure). The design must support all rental activities, customer payment tracking, and employee work schedules, as well as track which employees checked out the video to the customers. After you finish writing the

Customers' Insurance Rates

The questions are also in the pdf file. Question 3. Following a new rule of the company, some customers' insurance rates need to be adjusted. The following query counts the number of such customers. Select count(*) From customer Where (age > 20 and ticketNumber >= 5) or age < 18 Assume that the date distribution of th

Administrative Appointments ERD

A tiny college wants to keep track of the history of all administrative appointments (date of appointment and date of termination) (hint: time variant data are at work) The tiny college chancellor may want to know how many deans worked in the college of business between january 1, 1960 and january 1 2008 or who the dean of the c

Service Mining

Please explain how a databses management system (DBMS) and data mining can help a motor vehicle maintenance center improve its services, and what tables would be needed in such a database. Also what additional way can the DBMS and data mining be used to imporve customer service.

Ensuring Data base Quality

In a report that less than half of all organizations validate the in thier databases and test the database management system's functionality. Why is this? do you think a cetain type or size of organization is more likely to skip these tests than another? Please explain your reasoning. Please help need right away Thanks

Use of Triggers in Databse Systems

What are triggers used for, and why are they important in database systems? Provide an example of a situation where a trigger would be appropriate. What would the implementation of this trigger look like?

Database problem and dependency diagram

See attached file for diagram. b. Create a database whose tables are at least in 2NF, showing the dependency diagrams for each table. c. Create a database whose tables are at least in 3NF, showing the dependency diagrams for each table.

Databases referential integrity

1) Do the tables exhibit entity integrity? Answer Yes or No, and then explain your answer. TABLE ENTITY INTEGRITY EXPLANATION TRUCK BASE TYPE TABLE PRIMARY KEY FOREIGN KEY(S) TRUCK BASE TYPE

Identification of keys and entity relationship model

1. Suppose that you are using the database composed of the two tables shown in Figure Q3.12. a. Identify the primary keys. b. Identify the foreign keys. c. Draw the entity relationship model. FIGURE Q3.12 The Ch03_Theater Database Tables

Database of Tracking Students

Describe how you would design a database to keep track of all the students at a university. describe tables, relationships, attributes, Primary Keys, Foreign Keys, Candidate Keys. Describe minimum and maximum cardinalities for each relationship. Make sure the database is normalized. Items to keep track of in database: fi

Websites - Linear/Hierarchical

Browse the Web and find Web sites that fit the following content types. Write a summary of how the content is presented at each Web site and describe how each Web site focuses on its users' needs. Linear Hierarchical

SQL Queries - What is the capacity of a particular airplane type?

A small airport: We require a data base for a small airport. The data base should track airplanes, pilots, hangars, airplane types, mechanics and airplane owners. The airport maintains the usual data, on airplanes: registration number, on airplane types: model, capacity and weight , on hangars: hanger number, location

Use of Enterprise wide database applications

Analyze the use of databases in your organization. Include what database applications are used (Microsoft Access, DB2, Oracle, etc.). Conclude by proposing improvements. For large organizations, restrict the scope to the department in which you work. If you are not employed, consider the use of databases and the benefits the

Entity Relationship Diagrams: Distribution Companies

Develop an entity relationship diagram (ERD) for your project database based on the initial data requirements. The company that we are working on distributes many products, like secure bolts and screws, to many different construction companies. In order for the company to be successful it is important for them to keep a rel

MS Excel Advance Filtering Criteria

I am having a problem with criteria range. I do not know how to set two different criterias in one column. I need to ADVANCE FILTER all of the Clerks (1 and 2) and the Sect. 1 workers who make more than $5.50/hr. I do not understand how to set the title criteria for more than one title. It HAS to be advanced filtered, not auto-f

DVD Club: Database Design Methodology

1. Ray wants to start a DVD rental program at his stores that he plans to call Henry's DVD Club. He refers to each of his customers as "members." Each member in the club is assigned a number. He also stores the members' names and addresses. In addition, he stores the number of rentals the member has made and the date the member

Database Design - one-to-one relationships - design methodology

Describe the different ways of implementing one-to-one relationships. Assume you are maintaining information on offices (office numbers, buildings, and phone numbers) and faculty (numbers and names). No office house more than one faculty member; no faculty member is assigned more than one office. Illustrate the ways of implement

Discussing Database Failures

1. When a database approach is used, a failure on the part of one user that damages the database can affect other users. What are some specific examples of database failures? 2. If you were one of the users of a damaged database, how would you be affected by such a failure and what measures could you take to prevent it?

Relationships for any referential integrity violations.

Please answer the attached questions. Referential Integrity Check Question 1 - Given the following data types of some table fields and the simple schema of the relational database they are a part of, inspect its relationships for any referential integrity violations. If any exist, list what they are: Note: You can assum

Microsoft Access as a Database: Clerical Placements

In a clerical office/job placement (staffing agency) setting, what are the typical uses of Microsoft Access as a database? What are the typical improvements that can be suggested for Microsoft Access in a clerical setting? What other databases (Oracle, DB2, etc) would be known to benefit a clerical/job placement (staffing