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Data Warehousing

The purpose of this 3 page paper is to discuss , views regarding data warehousing and data mining or knowledge discovery in databases. Discuss the role of the database administration and the issues of cost/benefit for these types of endeavors in organizations. A data warehouse is a repository storing integrated inf

Enforcing referential integrity constraints

Describe the default rules for enforcing referential integrity constraints. Explain how referential integrity actions can be used to override the default referential integrity constraints. Please explain thoroughly.

Hierarchy Chart and Flowchart for a Database Application

Develop a hierarchy chart that shows the modules, the pseudo code, and a flowchart to illustrate your solution to this problem You are a manager for a small service organization. You need to develop a application/database that includes the name, address, city, state, zip code, phone number, and blood type for your staff. What

Transaction in DBMS

Explain the concepts of "transaction"(unit of works)? Can you give me an example of a transaction in DBMS?


How many types of DBMS in computer industry since IBM started its first commercial computer equipment?

Author and tittles

Using the week 2 lecture/homework database, show the author and titles of books that have never sold. Here is the SQL for my question, but what are the author and titles of the books that did not sell? select books.title ,books.author_name from books where books.isbn not in ( select isbn from order_lines where shipped='Y'

Databases - Index Tables

If you were to index the tables 1000_ROWS and 2000_ROWS and then run query1, would the table 20CHAR_TABLE be created faster than if the tables were not indexed (try it out)? Why?

What is Open Source Database and Why Use It?

Read these two web articles and answer these questions:,289142,sid39_gci1069685,00.html * What is an open source database? * Why would a company want to use an open sourced database?

Query Results - RIGHT Outer Join

Using the week 2 lecture database, if you wanted to see all the isbns from the books table and any matching isbns from the order_lines table, you'd want to do an outer join as such (because not every book stocked has been ordered): SELECT books.isbn, order_lines.isbn FROM books LEFT JOIN order_lines ON books.isbn = order_li

Rows from a Query

You can create your own Cartesian product - run this code in the database attached to Lecture Two: SELECT books.author_name, authors.author_name FROM books, authors; How many rows do you get as a result?

Query Results

How come I get so many Smiths in this query (using the Week 2 lecture database)? There's only 26 orders and 4 customers named Smith. Yet I get 104 rows as a result? SELECT orders.order_numb, customers.customer_last_name FROM orders, customers WHERE customers.customer_last_name like "smith";

Query Results

Why wont this query give any results (using the week 2 lecture database)? SELECT orders.order_numb, customers.customer_last_name FROM customers INNER JOIN orders ON customers.customer_numb = customers.customer_last_name;

Access 2000 Database

Use the attached WEEK2_ACCESS2000.mdb database I just need the SQL code, which can be cut and pasted into a word document. 1. Perform an inner join between the BOOKS table and the ORDER_LINES table. Show the titles from the BOOK table and quantity column from the ORDER_LINES table -------------------------------------

Information Systems for Decision Making

A twenty year old company, SewWorld, comprised of six locations in three states, sells sewing machines, sewing related software, and accessories. Each store sells between 3-5 different brands of sewing machines. Currently the stores run independently with separate inventory databases, budgets, and expenses. Because the stores ru

Create an ER Diagram for the San Juan Boat Company

San Juan Sailboat Charters is an agent that leases sailboats to customers for a fee. San Juan does not own any sailboats; it leases boats on behalf of the owners who wish to earn income when they are not using their boats. San Juan charges a fee for its service. San Juan specializes in boats that can be used for multi-day or wee

Construct an IDEF1X Diagram to track statistics

The Metropolitan Housing Agency (MHA) is a non-profit organization that advocates the development and improvement of low-income housing. The MHA operates in a metropolitan area of approximately 2.2 million people in a midwestern city. The MHA maintains data about the location, availability, and condition of low-income housing in

Create an IDEF1X digram

The Jefferson Dance Club teaches social dancing and offers both private and group lessons. Jefferson charges $45 per hour per student (or couple) for a private lesson and charges $6 per hour per student for a group lesson. Private lessons are offered six days per week (from noon until 10 p.m.). Group lessons are offered in the e

For this assignment, you will create a Visual Basic.NET application to extend IP2 into a more complete music collection manager. In this exercise, you will create a solution that works with two tables having a Master/Detail relationship. The first table contains music category records, and the second table contains album detail records for each category.

For this project you will use the following database schema, which has two tables. Table 1 -- Schema for the tblCategories table Column Name Data Type ldCategoryID Integer fldCategoryDesc String Table 2 -- Schema for table named tblAlbums Column Name Data Type fldAlbumID Integer fldCategoryI

ER Diagram Developed

Develop an ER diagram for the following: A database used in an order-entry system is to contain information about customers, items, and orders. The following information is to be included: ? For each customer: Customer number (unique) "Ship-to" addresses (several per customer) Balance Credit Limit Discount ? For ea

Database Normalization

Consider a typical sales invoice that would include the following information. Design a single table to hold all of the information required to store an invoice including this information. Next, apply normalization to reduce this table to third normal form. Prepare a Word document showing the original and final tables. Include a

CSCI Excel 2003

CSCI Excel 2003. See attached file for full problem description.

Normalization and User's Needs

Please explain to me wheather or not normalization is more or less important than the end user's needs? Is this true is normalization less important than the user's needs or what?

Scripting with AJAX to add and delete products from a database

YOU MUST USE DSN and the DSN name must be flamingo!!! Modify the attached codes to reflect AJAX implementation to - add a new product to the attached database found in, and - delete an existing product from the database, Please test your and document your pages.

Relations in the 3NF.

For each of the following relations, indicate the normal form of the relation. Put each relation in the 3NF. a. COURSE (course_id, lab_id, equipment_type), primary key = {course_id, lab_id}. b. COURSE (course_id, lab_id, equipment_type, software_type), primary key = {course_id, Lab_id}, eq

Which type of database (distributed, centralized or decentralized) to use?

Consider the following normalized relations for a database in a large retail store chain: EMPLOYEE(Emp_Id, Work_Location, Name, Address) STORE(Store_ID, Region, Manager_ID, Square_Feet) DEPARTMENT(Dep_ID, Manager_ID, Sales, Goal) SCHEDULE(Dep_ID, Emp_ID, Date) Assume that a data communications network links a computer