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Oracle9i Database

1. Look at attach Figure. Your job is to write the code that implements the matrix using three roles: CHIEF_EDITOR, WRITERS, and EDITORS. Create the roles, and grant the appropriate privileges to the roles. (Hint: AGAINES is the Chief Editor, OCORTEZ is a writer, and JHANSON is an editor.) Save your work as a .sql file.

Oracle9i Database

8. Give every employee in the Local Locale Company the privileges needed to query and update the NEWS_ARTICLE table and the CLASSIFIED_AD table. Write only two commands to accomplish this task. Save your work as a .sql file.

Defining Complex Data Binding

What is complex data binding? What advantages can this capability lend to a multiple-table database application? Present an example of a situation where complex binding would be appropriate in an application and discuss why this approach is needed in this scenario.

Database and OLAP tools

Sears competes using database warehouse and OLAP tools. What can be done to overcome store managers' resistance to the use of data and analytical tools? Is their resistance to analysis necessarily a bad thing?

Oracle9i Database

I need to convert this project from Microsoft Access to an Oracle9i Database. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Oracle9i Database

3. One of your dictionary-managed tablespaces seems to run out of space long before you calculated that it would. There has been a lot of activity in which tables were created, then dropped, and re-created with different storage settings. Explain why your tablespace has a problem, and list two actions you can take to alleviat

Analysis of Database Technology

I need to write information on Analysis of Database Technology. I have the following questions that need to be answered in detail. Can you please advise me where I can find the best information to answer the following questions. 1. What database systems are used and why? 2. What are suggested business applications uses of d

Oracle9i Database

Take your current knowledge of Oracle Logs ect and project how a bank may make use of the integrity control mechanisms. This is more of a speculate than a cold hard fact questions. 1. What kind of auditing would be appropriate for a bank? 2. How would auditing help you find a dishonest employee?

Oracle9i Database



As a team you will be responsible for completing the following actions: Part 1 Create a role for a user to complete imports and exports of data. This role should be a user-defined role with the minimum appropriate permissions for a user who would complete imports and exports. Take screen shots of the critical role creatio

Access Database & ER Diagram: Student database

The distinguished Professor Dumbledore has asked me to assist in designing a database to handle the school. I am respectfully passing his request on to you. Build a database, including forms reports and queries, to handle the H. School Management System, or HSMS in short, described below. Remember all data are inserted, updated,

Database Design

1. How are recursive relationships handled? 2. Discuss surrogate keys. 3. Describe the six default referential integrity actions. 4. How are N:M relationships implemented? 5. Why are null values ambiguous?

Describe how these quotes related to database.

Please see the quotes below and describe how they relate to database. quote1-Physical constraints quote2-The principle of mapping quote3-cultural constraints quote4-Make things visible quote5-great precision is not required

Drawing a Dependence Diagram

Using Microsoft Word, complete the following: The following table shows a table called Grade Report for a university. The existing functional dependencies are described as follows: Student_ID -> Student_Name, Major Course_ID -> Course_Title, Instructor_Name, Instructor_Location Student_ID, Course_ID -> Grade Instruct

Event Diagrams

Please see the attached file for background information. Problem: Draw Event Diagrams for each of the events shown in the attached Use-Case Matrix.

Context Data Flow Diagram

Please see the attached file for necessary information. Problem: Draw a Context Data Flow Diagram based on the attached information.

Entity Relationship Modeling

Looking to build an entity relationship model. --- Question 1 The manager of the Ogre Hostel, needs you help in building an IT to manage the hostel. Visitors come from all over to the woodlands to their annual reunion at the hostel. Cutting costs, visitors share rooms. Rooms have numbers and are of various types. Room ty

Revise Relational Database Schema

13.4 Assume that GAP is developing its database using object-oriented methods. Assume further that the database designers want to make some changes to the class diagram on next page. Specifically, they want to make ProductItem an abstract parent class (entity) from which more specific product classes are specialized. Thre

Sequence and equation

Place the following terms into a logical sequence. Tell why you chose this sequence.(Note: Present your reordered terms in your suggested sequence. Do not use numbers or other methods to indicate the changed sequence.) Character Data Warehouse Database

Business Rules

Need to do business rules for the following: Scenario - Discuss database design: 1. Colors for models: a. Classic red, blue, green b. Competition: silver, black c. RoboZid: baby blue, pink, yellow. 2. Personalizaton limits: a. Classic: 1 line, 12 letters b. Competition 2 lines

Question About ER Diagram

The State and Capital relations, shown in the attached figure are described as follows: - State (StateAbbrev, StateName, EnteredUnionOrder, StateBird, StatePopulation) - Capital (Capital Name, State Abbrev, YearDesignated, PhoneAreaCode, CapitalPopulation) - Foreign key: StateAbbrev to State relation - Add the attribute

Please answer me for these questions in detail for each question.

Exercise 1 In the following exercises, you will use the data in the Premiere Products database (shown in the attachment). Explain how you would use SQL to obtain the desired results: 1.Craete the TopLevelCust view described in the following: Using data from the Premiere Products database, define a view named TopLevelCust.

Discussing the Concept of Normalization

Question: In your own words, explain the concept of normalization. What does normalization accomplish? What are the advantages of normalization? In general, how do you go about normalizing a relation?

Intro to database - Crow's Foot model; ERD; Entities

Meridian News publishes a daily newspaper and would like a database developed to maintain information about subscribers and subscriptions. Each subscriber is uniquely identified by a subscriber number and is also characterized by first name, last name, address, and phone number. Each subscription is uniquely identified by a subs

Database systems - conversion: unnormalized relation, 1NF, 2NF, 3NF

Nazca Cinemas is a small movie theater that would like you to design a movie scheduling database system for them. The theater has four rooms (screens). Each room has its own unique ID and the seating capacity and screen size for each are recorded. Each movie is assigned a unique movie ID and its title and runtime are recorded.