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What is normalization quiz

1. What is normalization? Why is it important? 2. What is functional dependency? 3. Why is this table NOT in First Normal Form (1NF) normalization? What can you do to put it in 1NF? ORDERS OrderNum OrderDate PartNum NumOrdered 21608 10/20/2007 AT94 11 21617 10/23/2007 BV06 2

Relational Database

Design a relational database containing information about music composers, their lives, and their compositions

Entity Relationship

1. Is it possible for two entities to be related to each other in two ways? For example, could entity A be related to entity B both 1:M and 1:1 at the same time? a. No, this would violate structural integrity. b. Yes, but this should be avoided where possible. c. Yes, this is a perfectly acceptable practice when calle

Advice on Organization Data can Explain

Several of your family members have found out that you are using Excel to organize the data for the high school reunion. Your Uncle Larry wants to create an inventory of the over 800 video games that he collects. He has kept track of when he purchased each toy, the price he paid, and their names, but he has never taken the time

I have 1 question below ..

I need answers of below questions: #1. Design a relational database containing information about music composers, their lives, and their compositions. (Avoid redundancies similar to those in Figure 9.4) Sorry for disturbing you, the problem is that I don't listen to any type of music hence I don't know the names. Than

Systems Analyst's Decision Process

From the System Analyst's perspective, below are several situations calling for decisions about output, content, output methodology, distribution and son on. For each situation, note the appropriate output decision. Be brief. a. A large, well-regarded supplier of key raw materials to your company's production process requires

MS Access and ERD Normalization

MUST USE Microsoft Access, create the keys and relationships between tables for the Huffman Trucking Driver Log for the original tables. Please make sure you include the primary and foreign keys for all 3 tables. Part 2.B-Normalize the ERD and explain the level of normalization. The explanation can be done in a word document w

Database Analysis: Data Modeling and E-R Diagrams

After completing a course in database management, you have been asked to develop a preliminary ERD for a symphony orchestra. You discover the following entity types that should be included: - CONCERT SEASON The season during which a series of concerts will be performed. Identifier is Opening_Date, which includes Month, Day, a

Database Concepts for EER Models

Develop an EER model for the following situation using the traditional EER notation, the Visio notation or the supertypes notation. An international school of technology has hired you to create a database management system to assist in scheduling classes. After several interviews with the president, you have come up with the f

Simple Relationship Diagrams: ER diagrams

The problems below use the Customer, OrderTbl, and Employee tables of a simplified Order Entry database. The Customer table records clients who have placed orders. The OrderTbl contains the basic facts about customer orders. The Employee table contains facts about employees who take orders. The primary keys of the tables are Cu

Database Proper Sequences

Write the proper sequence of activities in the design of a rental video database. (The initial ERD was shown in the figure). The design must support all rental activities, customer payment tracking, and employee work schedules, as well as track which employees checked out the video to the customers. After you finish writing the

Customers' Insurance Rates

The questions are also in the pdf file. Question 3. Following a new rule of the company, some customers' insurance rates need to be adjusted. The following query counts the number of such customers. Select count(*) From customer Where (age > 20 and ticketNumber >= 5) or age < 18 Assume that the date distribution of th

Administrative Appointments ERD

A tiny college wants to keep track of the history of all administrative appointments (date of appointment and date of termination) (hint: time variant data are at work) The tiny college chancellor may want to know how many deans worked in the college of business between january 1, 1960 and january 1 2008 or who the dean of the c

Service Mining

Please explain how a databses management system (DBMS) and data mining can help a motor vehicle maintenance center improve its services, and what tables would be needed in such a database. Also what additional way can the DBMS and data mining be used to imporve customer service.

Ensuring Data base Quality

In a report that less than half of all organizations validate the in thier databases and test the database management system's functionality. Why is this? do you think a cetain type or size of organization is more likely to skip these tests than another? Please explain your reasoning. Please help need right away Thanks

Use of Triggers in Databse Systems

What are triggers used for, and why are they important in database systems? Provide an example of a situation where a trigger would be appropriate. What would the implementation of this trigger look like?

Databases referential integrity

1) Do the tables exhibit entity integrity? Answer Yes or No, and then explain your answer. TABLE ENTITY INTEGRITY EXPLANATION TRUCK BASE TYPE TABLE PRIMARY KEY FOREIGN KEY(S) TRUCK BASE TYPE

Database of Tracking Students

Describe how you would design a database to keep track of all the students at a university. describe tables, relationships, attributes, Primary Keys, Foreign Keys, Candidate Keys. Describe minimum and maximum cardinalities for each relationship. Make sure the database is normalized. Items to keep track of in database: fi