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Creating a Microsoft Access Query

Please explain in detail the steps that must be taken to make this query work. Join the tables, and calculate aggregate sales for each product. - Location is not important, total sales are what is important. - Look at sales from the January to April only. - Consider only the most recent year's sales. I need to find wha

Object oriented database versus Relational database

Supporters of object oriented databases list numerous advantages for using the object oriented approach versus the relational one. Is the relational database model doomed to extinction or are there characteristics of the relational model which make it better suited in certain situations than its object oriented counterpart? Disc

Visual Studio 2008 ASP .NET Web Site with a MasterPage

Create a Visual Studio 2008 ASP .NET Web Site with a MasterPage and three ContentPage Web Forms, using the attached database. The MasterPage will display a company name selected by you. Add server controls to the MasterPage that allow the user to navigate between the Web Forms in the Web site. The first ContentPage must be

Build a home inventory database based on the following structure

Using MS Access 2007, please build a home inventory database based on the following structure. 1. Build the following 3 tables without data. Rooms Table - with 2 fields, Room Name and Room ID. Category Table - with 2 fields, Category Name and Category ID. Inventory Table - with a Serial No. field as your primary key and 8

Write SQL Statements

Consider the following relational database schema: CREATE TABLE ACCOUNTS ( account_no char(12), amount money, CONSTRAINT PK_ACCOUNTS PRIMARY KEY(account_no) ) CREATE TABLE PENDING_TRANSFERS ( from_account_no char(12), to_account_no char(12), amount money, CONSTRAINT PK_ PENDING_TRANSFERS PRIMARY KEY(from_account_

Stress Management in Online Learning

Stress Management is the focus 4 PPT slides You have been asked to help new students identify ways in which they can better manage their time so that they can be successful in an online learning environment. Create a PowerPoint presentation that provides new students the necessary elements to plan their time each week. Use s

Predicting Data Volumes and Number of Users

During the physical design phase of a database, the IT folks decide which DBMS to use and how to store the database on the servers. Class, do the IT database designers need to understand data volumes and number of users of the database in order to create an effective physical design? Who needs to "predict" data volumes and nu

Exporting a Database: Example Problem

Databases and the data contained in the databases are often useful for other purposes, but as a database administrator, you want to protect your original data. Describe the process of exporting a database to create a copy of your original. Your description should use screenshots and your ITD410_P1 from the Individual Projec

What is normalization quiz

1. What is normalization? Why is it important? 2. What is functional dependency? 3. Why is this table NOT in First Normal Form (1NF) normalization? What can you do to put it in 1NF? ORDERS OrderNum OrderDate PartNum NumOrdered 21608 10/20/2007 AT94 11 21617 10/23/2007 BV06 2

RDMS Implementation: 1-N, N-1, and N-N relationships

Look for an example of a one-to-one relationship, an example of a one-to-many relationship, and an example of a many-to-many relationship in a newspaper, magazine, book, or everyday situation you encounter. Describe the three types of relationships and explain your examples. For each example, name the entities and attributes, se

Relational Database

Design a relational database containing information about music composers, their lives, and their compositions

Entity Relationship

1. Is it possible for two entities to be related to each other in two ways? For example, could entity A be related to entity B both 1:M and 1:1 at the same time? a. No, this would violate structural integrity. b. Yes, but this should be avoided where possible. c. Yes, this is a perfectly acceptable practice when calle

Database Traits Relational

Are all databases relational? Employee ID Employee Name Street Address City State E001 Jane Andrews 1 Ave A RedondoBeach CA E002 Michelle Jones 200 Archer Ave El Segundo CA E003 Mike Smith 100 Ocean Blvd Santa Monica CA E004 Ann Lee 100 Smith Blvd Culver City C

Advantages of a database over electronic files to store data

What are the advantages of a database over electronic files to store data? What kinds of database products are used in your company? Explain the concept of a primary key in a relational table. Could the primary key be a combination of multiple columns, or is it only in one column?

3NF Database Design Based on Functional Dependencies

Consider the following functional dependencies: Applicant_ID -> Applicant_Name Applicant_ID -> Applicant_Address Position_ID -> Positoin_Title Position_ID -> Date_Position_Opens Position_ID -> Department Applicant_ID + Position_ID -> Date_Applied Applicant_ID + Position_ID + Date_Interviewed -> a. Represent these attr

AJAX Programming: Add and delete entry in database

PHP Code to add a new product and delete a existing product Implement AJAX Programming based solutions to write a code to: 1. Add a new product to the database. 2. Delete an existing product from the database In the AJAX scripts you create, refer to the DSN datasource as flamingo. Even though its not in your own f

Advice on Organization Data can Explain

Several of your family members have found out that you are using Excel to organize the data for the high school reunion. Your Uncle Larry wants to create an inventory of the over 800 video games that he collects. He has kept track of when he purchased each toy, the price he paid, and their names, but he has never taken the time

I have 1 question below ..

I need answers of below questions: #1. Design a relational database containing information about music composers, their lives, and their compositions. (Avoid redundancies similar to those in Figure 9.4) Sorry for disturbing you, the problem is that I don't listen to any type of music hence I don't know the names. Than

Systems Analyst's Decision Process

From the System Analyst's perspective, below are several situations calling for decisions about output, content, output methodology, distribution and son on. For each situation, note the appropriate output decision. Be brief. a. A large, well-regarded supplier of key raw materials to your company's production process requires

MS Access and ERD Normalization

MUST USE Microsoft Access, create the keys and relationships between tables for the Huffman Trucking Driver Log for the original tables. Please make sure you include the primary and foreign keys for all 3 tables. Part 2.B-Normalize the ERD and explain the level of normalization. The explanation can be done in a word document w

Federated database

What is a federated database and why are federated databases becoming increasingly common? What are examples of databases in your current or previous work environment that could be federated?(I don't have any experience with this) how could the metadata be managed for a federated database?

Entities and Relationship Diagrams: Example Problem

For each following statement, please give the corresponding E-R diagram (entities and relationship), and the structural constraints (Cardinality and Participation). a) A supplier supplies certain number parts for a project, a project uses the parts from the different suppliers, and the same kind parts from different suppliers

Database Analysis: Data Modeling and E-R Diagrams

After completing a course in database management, you have been asked to develop a preliminary ERD for a symphony orchestra. You discover the following entity types that should be included: - CONCERT SEASON The season during which a series of concerts will be performed. Identifier is Opening_Date, which includes Month, Day, a

Database Concepts for EER Models

Develop an EER model for the following situation using the traditional EER notation, the Visio notation or the supertypes notation. An international school of technology has hired you to create a database management system to assist in scheduling classes. After several interviews with the president, you have come up with the f