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Build a home inventory database based on the following structure

Using MS Access 2007, please build a home inventory database based on the following structure.

1. Build the following 3 tables without data.
Rooms Table - with 2 fields, Room Name and Room ID.
Category Table - with 2 fields, Category Name and Category ID.
Inventory Table - with a Serial No. field as your primary key and 8 other applicable fields as you like, using at least 3 different data types.

2. Build the table relationships.

3. Now add data to the Room and Category tables.

4. Build a Form for the Inventory table.

5. Add your inventory data to the Inventory table via the Form you built in step 4. Minimum of 30 records will be required.

6. Build one query, your choice. Remember a query answers a question. As an example, list all household electronics that are greater in value than $200. Please ensure that the query title reflects what the query is about

7. Build one simple one page report, your choice. As an example, Contents of the Family Room. Again title the report accordingly.

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