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Inventory Management: Pro's and Con's

See attached format of a table for response.

1) Conduct research to identify the pros and cons of having an inventory management program within your organization

2) In addition, describe the role inventories and inventory management play in planning and operations management within organizations.

Please ensure that all of your references are provided and submitted in the proper APA format.

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An appropriate inventory management program is essential to the maintenance of an organization. The process for creating and managing an inventory management program can be described in five steps:

(1) Inventory is the foundation of solid records management. Inventory provides the location, identification, and description of all products and goods that the corporation has. A complete inventory provides the type and quantity of goods and materials maintained and created by the corporation.

(2) Planning inventory management requires support from all the stakeholders in a company. This means all people who use or make the goods and materials. Management as well as support staff and line-workers should ...

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The pros and cons of inventory management; the role and purpose of inventory management programs. References in APA format.