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    Exercise Equipment: Resistance Devices

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    Identify fifteen pieces of exercise equipment. List whether each of these is utilizing constant resistance devices, variable resistance devices, accommodating resistance devices or static resistance devices. Are there any improvements you would make on these devices? If so, what would you change?

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    To answer this question you need to define the four types of resistance listed.

    1. Constant Resistance

    Refers to a type resistance that does not change during the course of the exercise. This applies to free weights and machines with round pulleys.

    2. Variable Resistance

    Devices that use variable resistance are designed to make the amount of weight increase or decrease during an exercise movement. The intention is to make your muscles work as hard as possible throughout the full range of motion of any given exercise. With these machines, the resistance is increased during the usually easier ranges of motion.

    3. Accommodating Resistance

    These devices that utilize accommodating resistance control the speed of your exercise movement. Tension and time work together to produce muscle gains. Accommodating resistance devices slow you down and increase the amount of time adaptive overload is applied in each exercise.

    4. Static resistance devices:

    This type of resistance comes from the idea of static contraction, or "isometrics". Utilizing this type of resistance involves either pushing or pulling on an immovable apparatus.

    Now that you know what the four types of resistance are, the best way to answer this question is to construct a table that lists the four types of resistance. Then you will fill the table with fifteen types of exercise equipment.

    The second part of your question asks for suggestions on how to improve the devices. I would include in the table another column for suggested improvements to the device. The question is not asking for an improvement ...

    Solution Summary

    The question asks you to classify exercise equipment based on their resistance category. The solution provides you with all the information you need to answer the question. The solution provides the definitions and the pro's and con's of each equipment and gets you started on identifying and classifying various types of exercise equipment. The solution does not list 15 types of equipment. Rather the solution provides you with the tools and all the background information to fill out a table listing 15 types of exercise equipment, their category, and improvements that can be made.

    To get you started a table is included with the solution (as a *.doc file) that lists some pieces of equipment, it's category and a suggested improvement that can be made to the equipment.

    Armed with the knowledge provided in the solution, the definitions of each resistance category, and some examples, you should be able to complete the question in its entirety.