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    Effects of Resistance Training during Pregnancy

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    Please provide me with some notes about the effects of resistance training during pregnancy.

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    This particular research study focused upon the examination of resistance training in pregnant women and any adverse outcomes that may occur as a result of this resistance training. The researchers choose to include the use of quantitative research techniques wherein online surveys were used to allow women to relay exercise habits that they engaged in up until the birth of their child throughout each trimester with the most recent pregnancy that the subjects who participated had within the past 5 years. The birth outcomes would be reported by the women and researchers utilized 3 separate groups to categorize different types of exercise that women could choose from for the survey, which included Resistance plus the use of aerobic training (RTAE), Aerobic only training, and no training or exercise used by the research participants.

    Researchers discovered that out of the 284 women who participated in the study, those who identified with RTAE training were characterized by an average amount of training that entailed approximately 3 days per week for approximately 27 minutes per training session. This group of participants had significantly lower rates of hypertensive disorders as well as diabetes ...

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