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    Variables - defining, operationalising, measuring

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    Identify a variable for scientific study that can be operationally defined.
    Create an operational definition for the variable.
    Identify what aspects of the variable would be observable and measurable.

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    Dear Student,
    Hi and thank you for using Brainmass. This discussion should get you started. What you are being asked to do, basically, is to put together a sample variable and show how it can be 'operationalised'. I know it could get quite confusing but don't worry, there is a simpler way of viewing this. Before I show you a sample, let us define a few things first. What are variables? Variables are elements in a study that are observed and measured to uncover 'truths' and discover new knowledge in scientific research. Variables therefore are a logical set of attributes and it varies (low, high, different categories, etc.); when we do scientific research, we always need variables relevant to the study and they can be dependent (whatever they are will be dependent upon other variables) and independent, with the independent ...

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    The solution provides advise in doing a scientific study, in particular in putting together a sample study on the topic of the effects of smoking on pregnant women. Variables are identified and their operationalisation is discussed including their observational and measurable aspects. The solution is presented in the form of an academic advise.