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The proposed study that I am working on involves the measurement (Likert Scale) of attitudes of early childhood staff workers toward father engagement. Does lived experiences of workers influence the role staff play in the encouragement of father engagement. In measuring and doing the data analysis of such a study how you recommend I do a chi-square on a hypothetical question such as: Does parent participation enhance the early childhood education of the children and encourage a healthier relationship between fathers and their children? How would a hypothetical chi-square resemble?

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As requested, Here is your solution. Following the system we used previously, I suggest making it simple and to the point using this outline:

1. About Your Work (just derive from the last materials) - 150 words
2. About chi squares and use in your research - 100 words
3. Resources of Relevance - 200 words (like an annotated bibliography)
4. Application of chi squares in the study (exploring the questions) - 150 words
5. Hypothetical chi-squares for use - 100 words
6. Research Questions reworked - 100 words

This outline should yield around 800 words which should cover what you need. I've had to look at software for chi squares - it's something I am not as familiar with as the other processes. I hope this helps you out.

Chi Squares: Application in ECE study


My focus of research has to do with a study of motivation, specifically if early childhood educators are motivated by their own experiences as children so as to become more passionate and vested in their work, especially in encouraging fathers to participate in the education of their young based on their own early childhood paternal experience. My particular study has been deeply influenced by an observation of early childhood education (ECE) experts in my line of work - social welfare. I have noticed that the motivation and commitment of ECEs vary with some of the most committed and motivated indicating that they were raised by parents, especially fathers who were heavily cooperative, participant and involved in their own early childhood education. This study sets about to test whether or not the paternal experience of ECEs impact their motivation to encourage fathers to be involved in the programs they conduct and roll out in the communities that they serve. So far, the outline, the research questions, the hypothesis and levels of measure have been identified as well as the methods of study and the theories for perspective analysis. Here, I go further by looking at the possible utilization of chi squares. A chi square, according to Eck & Ryan (The Math beans Project, n.d.), also known by this symbol (X2), is a kind of, "statistic used to investigate whether distributions of categorical variables differ from one another. Basically categorical variable yield data in the categories and numerical variables yield data in numerical form. Responses to such questions as 'What is your major?' or 'Do you own a car?' are categorical because they yield data such as 'biology' or 'no.' In contrast, responses to such questions as 'How tall are you?' or 'What is your G.P.A.?' are numerical. Numerical data can be either discrete or continuous." The answers to these 2 kinds of questions therefore are different so that, according to Eck & ...

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I am offering a large amount of credits for this as I need help, the response should be full and good quality

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