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What type of research would be used

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Hello from Cleveland, Ohio...

I am interpreting your question as to what type of statistics would one employe in psychological research. In order to answer your question accurately one must first have knowledge of what type of research design can be used in psychological research investigations. This question must be answered first as \\\"design\\\" dictates the type of statistical tools one uses in conducting a statistical analysis of psychological measurement data.

Psychological research is generally experimental or quasiexperimental in design. In other words the researcher endeavors to investigate the effects of an independent variable on the dependent variable. For example: What are the effects of gender, birth order, race, religion, socio-economic status on the ability of a child to self-disclose to a target person. The effect variable is gender, etc. and the receiving variable (dependent) is self-disclosure (as measured by some assessment instrument such as the Jourard Self-Disclosure Scale).

When a study is quasi-experimental the research investigator does not manipulate the independent variable. Independent variables are manipulated, or under the control of the research investigator. For example: What is the effect of one hour of sleep, 5 hours of sleep, and 10 hours of sleep, on an individual\\\'s ability to retain complex information in mathematics as measured by the XYZ Memory Scale. Here the independent variable that is being controlled is the ...

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