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    Research and Data Collection

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    One technique that consultants use involves looking for additional research projects that would be of interest to their clients. If they find relevant projects, they usually present them, formally or informally, to the client to check their interest. In this way, the consultant firm can continue to work with clients and become a more valued resource over time.

    Think of your client, Wordplay Greeting Cards. What kinds of research questions might be of interest to them? Put yourself in this client's shoes. What do you think would help you run this type of business more effectively?

    To prepare for this assignment, you may want to use the Cybrary and the Internet to more closely exam these types of businesses, their strengths, weaknesses, and needs. You also may want to use these same sources of information to research trends in this industry. Then, on the discussion board, post your answers to the following questions:


    1. Identify a potential research question that would be of interest to Wordplay Greeting Cards. Present your research question, and identify why you think it would be of interest and benefit to them.
    2. Next, identify the best method for collecting this type of information and present your reasoning on why it's the best way to proceed.
    3. Then, describe in detail the type of information you will collect.
    4. Finally, describe how this information can be used, and who (or which parts of the organization) will most likely benefit from this information.

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    Referring to the scenario on Wordplay Greeting Cards, this solution responds to the questions on aspects of research e..g, discusses the research question, data collection methods, type of information, how it will be used and who will benefit from the information.