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    Effects of Music During Pregnancy on Mothers and Infants

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    This solution provides help in locating two educational resources on prenatal development within these facets:

    * The source of information
    * The type of information (print, video, lecture, etc.)
    * The scope of information. Mention which area is addressed: Chromosonal and Gene-linked Abnormalities, fetal alcohol syndrome, drug abuse and pregnancy, nutrition during pre-conception and pregnancy, etc, The accuracy of the information, the depth of the information, determine if the information is current, and determine the relevance of the information.

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    To narrow the topic, an excellent one examines the effects of music during pregnancy on both mothers and infants:

    * The source of information: Ventura, T., Gomes, M. C., & Neto, M. T. (2013). HEALTH BENEFITS FOR THE MOTHER AND CHILD FROM MUSIC INTERVENTION IN PREGNANCY. Journal Of Communications Research, 5(4), 465-478.

    * The type of information (print, video, lecture, etc.): Print, peer reviewed journal article

    * The scope of information: The area addressed involves wellness and stress management during pregnancy. The accuracy of the information is verified from the recent coverage and reference to theoretical works in the field; likewise, the depth of the information is also ascertained from practical studies to validate the research. The information is current, as it pertains to 2013. It is highly relevant because it targets both mother and infant during development and various domains: physical, social, cultural, psychological, emotional, etc.

    In sum, the authors attribute the use of music among pregnant women as a critical stress and anxiety management tactic. Since they insist that "Antenatal stress also seems to have long-term effects upon the ...

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    700 words of notes and references list some possible effects of music intervention during pregnancy on both mothers and infants.