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Several of your family members have found out that you are using Excel to organize the data for the high school reunion. Your Uncle Larry wants to create an inventory of the over 800 video games that he collects. He has kept track of when he purchased each toy, the price he paid, and their names, but he has never taken the time to organize all of this data in one place. He asks you if Excel would be a good tool to use when organizing the information he has collected. Give Uncle Larry your advice on organizing the data and explain specifically how you would format the data to make it easier to use and read.
I know nothing about Excel please explain. Thank you!

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Excel is a good tool to organize inventory and create simple databases. Because the Excel is composed of cells arranged in rows and columns, you can easily create tables and tally every data you want to place on the tables.

As a good advice, know first the categories you want to tabulate. Since Uncle Larry wants to tabulate the name of the games, the price of each and the date ...

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