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    Normalization and Denormalization

    Explain why normalization is important. When is it important to denormalize a database? Can you provide an example/examples? What is denormalization, and why can it be desirable? Provide an example.

    Trends and Factors in Health Care Informatics.

    Need help identifing and analyzing three trends and factors that have the most significant influence on today's health information systems and explain why. Then identify why health care delivery systems might be affected by the trend/s factors you select? Finally compare and contrast health informatics and health informa

    Composite and multivalued attributes, data redundancy

    Explain the difference between simple and composite attributes. Provide at least one example of each. Explain multivalued attributes, and provide an example. How are multivalued attributes indicated in the Chen model? How are they indicated in the Crow's Foot model? Explain data redundancy and what it sets the stage f

    Primary and foreign keys for the database

    What are the appropriate primary keys and given the chosen primary keys, what are the appropriate foreign keys? branch(branch name, branch city, assets) customer (customer name, customer street, customer city) loan (loan number, branch name, amount) borrower (customer name, loan number) account (account number, branch nam

    Discuss the use of queries in an EHR.

    Discuss the use of queries in an EHR. Give an example of: - a query that you would use as a continuous tool in an EHR and - a query that you would use for an infrequent question.

    Create an Entity-relationship Diagram

    Given the following business rules, create the Entity-relationship Diagram: a. A health practrice has many doctors b. Each doctor has many patients c. Each patient has one of two insurance plans d. Some patients may be seen by more than one doctor Design the physical implementation Setup the database using Microsoft

    Computer Science: What are file types?

    What is "File Type" and what are some of the important information to know about it? Where do file types come from? What are some of the information that file types provide (tip: think about copying and pasting, as well as importing/exporting between files)? How can you make file types visible in Windows Explorer?

    Using relational database model to build a new EHR

    Select a data model your team would use to build a new EHR for your facility Identify and explain the rationale for the data model . What are the advantages and disadvantages of your choice? We chose relational database model XML

    Create an ERD, Relational Diagram, and do the tables exhibit

    1.) Create the ERD to show the relationship between EMPLOYEE and JOB. 2.) Create the relational diagram to show the relationship between EMPLOYEE and JOB. 3.) Do the tables exhibit entity integrity? Yes or no and explain. 4.) Do the tables exhibit referential integrity? Yes or no, then explain. Write not applicable if the

    Differences between OLTP and OLAP databases.

    ? Define and describe the differences between OLTP and OLAP databases. o What are the characteristics of each that make them different? o What types of businesses would use an OLTP database? o What kinds of companies would use an OLAP database? ? Describe the differences between a data mart and data warehouse. o Is it

    Open-Source and Proprietary Databases

    Explain open-source and proprietary databases. What are some advantages and disadvantages of each type of database? What characteristics a business should consider when choosing a database? Please provide examples of open-source and proprietary databases.

    Database Design

    Database Design Conceptual Design For this assignment, you have been asked to design a database using only the written problem description provided by the client. In reviewing the description, you may find that information may be missing or that not all information described needs to be stored or represented in the database.

    The Appearance of the Relation Result

    See the attachment. Relations In terms of the relations shown below, what is the appearance of the relation RESULT after executing each of these instructions? Employees Name Email_address Location John John.john @ abxz.com 5 Mary m.smith @ abxz.com 3 Philip

    Quality and integrity databases.

    What is the relationship between the quality and integrity of data entered into a database and the resulting effect on the quality of patient care?

    Entity-Relationship Model: Entities, Attributes, Identifiers, and Relationships, and three types of binary relationships other than 1:1, 1:n, or N:M, traditional E-R diagram and IE Crow's foot E-R diagram.

    Question 1. Discuss the following elements as they relate to the Entity-Relationship Model: Entities, Attributes, Identifiers, and Relationships. Question 2. List and give an example of the three types of binary relationships other than the, (1:1), (1:N), or (N:M) Draw both a traditional E-R diagram and an IE Crow's Foot E

    Role of Database Documentation

    Your database is performing poorly, and you just began this new job within the past month. You ask to see the documentation for the system and are told it does not exist. What would be your next step and why? Would you need to create new documentation? Would you be able to do your job without creating the documentation first?

    Provide an example of an actual Data Warehouse

    Find an example of an actual data warehouse. For this example, describe the content, purpose, user access methods, and sources of data (what on-line transaction processing [OLTP] databases feed data into the data warehouse) - (make sure that your example is not just a normalized OLTP database that someone has mistakenly misname

    Project Management: Schedule and Cost Control Techniques

    Your organization has just completed the Initiation Process for implementing an Email System Upgrade. It was identified in a recent meeting with management leaders from the Sales, Consulting and IT departments that the current email system is causing significant amount of business interruptions and must be updated immediately. Y

    Data Model Design

    Scenario: Moonlight Distributors is a 10-year-old transportation firm that specializes in pickup and delivery from a wide range of businesses. There is a corporate office in Chicago, IL and three regional offices in Pittsburgh, PA, Omaha, NE, and San Francisco, CA. Diane, the CEO, has been seeing sales and profits slip