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Create an Entity-relationship Diagram

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Given the following business rules, create the Entity-relationship Diagram:

a. A health practrice has many doctors
b. Each doctor has many patients
c. Each patient has one of two insurance plans
d. Some patients may be seen by more than one doctor

Design the physical implementation

Setup the database using Microsoft Access

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Create an ER Diagram

The scenario is that the Public Affairs Office at Highline University receives requests for speakers on particular topics. To be able to respond to such request, that office wants to build a database. In particular, it wants to keep track of topics, speakers, speeches, and organizations to which someone from Highline has spoken.

A. Make a list of possible entities for the Speaker database.

B. Create an IDEF1X E-R diagram showing only entities. Assume that there is an M:N relationship between SPEAKER and TOPIC.

C. For each relationship in your diagram, specify the relationship type, and the minimum and maximum cardinality on both parent and child. Name each relationship.

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