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    The Process of Conceptual Data Modeling

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    Conceptual Modeling looks at how the data is structured and what the characteristics of the data are. What characteristics of data are represented in an E-R diagram?

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    An E-R diagram or Entity-Relationship diagram (ERD) has been considered as the primary model of conceptual database design due to the fact that it is a good demonstration of a conceptual data model. Database designers find E-R diagrams useful tools in demonstrating the relationships between an organization's entities. To create a standard approach, blocks and lines are used as a structure to make the model understandable to everyone in the industry. A company's data is ...

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    This solution explains of how an Entity-Relationship (E-R) Diagram can become a primary model of conceptual database design. An E-R diagram is discussed in terms of structures, components, characteristics, and examples. This solution is 360 words with references as of Nov. 22, 2012 (not APA format).