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    Water Resources Engineering Software

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    The current practice of a particular part of water resources engineering is supported by a variety of commercial software. Pick a specific domain within water resources engineering. What is the software? What does it do? Who uses it and why? What are the assumptions and limitations of the software? What is the future of this software?

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    The specific domain selected for this assignment is groundwater modeling and analysis. In today's world. computer or software based modeling systems are being increasingly used by water resource engineering professionals to perform various tasks such as evaluation of groundwater resources, assessment of groundwater quality, site characterization and model development, contamination assessment, etc. in order to better understand the flow of groundwater and the fate of contaminants. Groundwater modeling software is a powerful tool for the creation of models and visualization. This software provides a tool for every phase of groundwater simulation, ranging from site characterization to visualization.

    The management of groundwater system involves decision making processes related to the quality and quantity of water for which a tool is required by the decision maker for providing the information regarding the future response of the system. Such a tool is called the groundwater model which is developed using such software tools.

    The significance of groundwater studies and modeling have significantly increased in recent years as interaction between surface and groundwater have become very critical in the area of water rights. Communities that depend on wells protect their water supplies by developing skills ...

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