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The Appearance of the Relation Result

See the attachment.


In terms of the relations shown below, what is the appearance of the relation RESULT after executing each of these instructions?

Name Email_address Location
John John.john @ 5
Mary m.smith @ 3
Philip philipx @ 5


Manager_Name Floor_#
Karen 4
David 5

a. RESULT <- PROJECT Location from Employees
b. RESULT <- SELECT from Employees where Location = 5
c. RESULT <- PROJECT Floor_# from Department
d. RESULT <- JOIN Employees and Department where
Employees.Location = Departement.Floor_#

Check attachment for correct tables.


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There seems to be an error in the SQL code above. I have never seen the PROJECT statement in SQL, nor can I find it in any of the SQL references online (see end of posting). I will make an assumption about what PROJECT means, but if I am incorrect, I would be happy to update the posting with the correct use of the statement.

For this posting, I am assuming that PROJECT returns the column of data (also called the field) of the table. The SELECT returns the rows of data (also called records) from the table. Finally, the JOIN statement combines the two tables to create one table.

The results are as follows:

a. RESULT <- PROJECT Location from Employees
Following the assumption above, the ...

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