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Role of Database Documentation

Your database is performing poorly, and you just began this new job within the past month. You ask to see the documentation for the system and are told it does not exist. What would be your next step and why? Would you need to create new documentation? Would you be able to do your job without creating the documentation first?

Use APA for referencing and citation.

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Documentation is a critical part of any database (Pine, 2007). Documentation can be maintained through the creation of a data dictionary, which is a collection of metadata or data bout data. The availability of data dictionary would help a database administrator obtain valuable information about the database, which can be used for addressing performance bottlenecks and undertake performance tuning. A data dictionary or a data catalog contains the data element structures and the relationships among the data elements (Gillenson et al., ...

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This solution explains the importance of database documentation both for database developers and database users.