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    Systems Analyst's Decision Process

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    From the System Analyst's perspective, below are several situations calling for decisions about output, content, output methodology, distribution and son on. For each situation, note the appropriate output decision. Be brief.

    a. A large, well-regarded supplier of key raw materials to your company's production process requires a year-end summary report of totals purchased from it.

    b. Internal brainstorming memos are circulated through the staff regarding plans for a company picnic and fundraiser.

    c. A summary report of the company's financial situation is needed by a key decision maker, who will use it when presenting a proposal to potential external backers.

    d. A listing of the current night's hotel room reservations is needed for front desk personnel.

    e. A listing of the current night's hotel room reservation is needed by the local police

    f. A real-time count of people passing through the gates of Wallaby World (an Austrialian theme park) will be used by parking lot patrols.

    g. An inventory system must register an item each time it has been scanned by a wand.

    h. A summary report of merit pay increases allotted to each of 120 employees will be used by 22 supervisors during a joint supervisors' meeting, and subsequently when explaining merit pay increases to the supervisor's own departmental employees.

    i. Competitive information is needed by three strategic planners in the organization, but it is industrially sensitive if widely distributed.

    j. A casual style of conversation in needed to inform customers about powerful but seldom used features of a product.

    k. A historic district of a city wants to let visitors know about historical buildings and events.

    l. Storm warnings must be delivered to subscribers in a large geographical area.

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    a. Raw materials problem.

    In this problem we want to supply the details of the purchase to the supplier. Following points we need to consider.

    Output Content:
    1. Annual (and monthly) reports containing following for all materials:
    Material name, average material price, total quantity, total amount paid.
    2. Transaction reports containing material wise details as:
    Date, material name, price, quantity (for all materials), cost and total cost of the transaction.

    Output Methodology:
    1. The system should print two separate reports one containing monthly and annual reports and the other containing containing all the transactions (optional if demanded by the supplier).

    The supplier should be authenticated (with a password) to access the reports, no supplier should be allowed to access the records of other suppliers.

    So we suggest a system with a database having a supplier id and password, and an interface that prints the requested reports for the supplier.

    b. Internal brainstorming memos.
    In this problem we can use the mail system. A mail server for the company having the employees divided into groups could be very useful. The system provides an editor for writing the memo. The memo is typed and the groups of employees or particular employee (or employees) who need to be informed are selected. The automatically generates the memos for the desired group and mails it to their ids.

    Output Content: - The memo itself, the sender, receivers group and employees, the information.

    Output Methodology:- the sender writes the memo in the system.
    Output distribution:- a mail is generated for all the users.

    c. Financial report
    The system takes input from almost all the departments of the company, to generate such report. The departments included are:-
    Stocks, sales, purchase, accounts, finance, marketing etc.
    Output content:-
    1. It contains all the expenses of the company -raw materials, salaries, marketing and other maintenance expenses of the company.
    2. It contains all the incomes of the company, mainly from the sales department.
    3. It contains the annual turnover of the company and other financial calculations such as taxes etc.
    4. So we generate a printed report for that.
    Output distribution:- the report is intended for one user so it would be generated by the manager (accounts) and the system would look like.

    d. A listing of the current night's hotel room reservations is needed for front desk personnel.

    Output content:
    The front desk personnel needs to know which rooms are ...

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