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Relationships Related to Databases

Describe the relationships related to databases for Huffman Trucking Driver's Log :

1. One to one
2. One to many
3. Many to many

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Relational Databases:
A database is a structured collection of tables with related data. Database consists of set of structured records which is stored in computer systems. This structure can be achieved by organizing data into database model. The relational database model is most commonly used today.

One-to-One Relationships:
A one-to-one relationship between the tables of the relational database occurs when both tables can have one record on either side of the relationship. Each primary key value relates to only one record in the related table. Most one-to-one relationships are forced by business rules and don't flow naturally from the data.

In the case of Huffman's database, it consists of two tables
- Which represents information about the drivers employed by the company
- Which represents information contained in the paper Driver's Daily Log that each driver maintains

Huffman Trucking Driver's Log Table Fields:
The tables are given below:
Driver Information:

This table represents information about the drivers employed by the company.

Employee ID Number
Home Address
Home Telephone Number
Mobile Telephone Number
License Number
License Expiration Date
Emergency Contact Name
Emergency ...

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Various types of relationships in connection to databases are described.