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    MS Access and ERD Normalization

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    MUST USE Microsoft Access, create the keys and relationships between tables for the Huffman Trucking Driver Log for the original tables. Please make sure you include the primary and foreign keys for all 3 tables.
    Part 2.B-Normalize the ERD and explain the level of normalization. The explanation can be done in a word document where you explain what changes to the tables you would make to achieve a specific level of normalization. You should submit the explanation, the ERD and the database showing the Primary and foreign keys in your individual forum. ***Note: Please do not normalize the Access tables that you are submitting in step one above and combine part 2.A and 2.B together in the same file.

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    Normalization of Huffman ERD

    The repeating groups are Driving Log have been removed and placed in another table.
    OffDutyStartTime1,OffDutyStartTime1, OffDutyStopTime2,OffDutyStopTime2
    Can be place to a new table called "TimeTable".Timetable has startTime,stopTime and TypeOfTimeId.Note.TypeOfTimeID is a foreign Key referenced in other table.
    Table "TimeType"

    TimeTypeName Vachar This can be ...

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