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    Music Performers MS Access Database

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    Design a relational database containing information about music performers, their recordings, and the composers of the music they recorded.

    The following elements must be included:
    - Database file contains at least three tables.
    - Relationships between the tables are shown.
    - Each table contains three or more attributes.
    - Each table contains at least three records.

    In addition:
    Write a brief essay (at least four paragraphs) explaining why a relational database was the best choice for this project as well as explaining the reasoning behind the relationships within the database. Essay must be logical and free of grammar and spelling errors.

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    A relational database is designed to relate groups of information using key data values. For example, a person has a set of attributes that only he or she possesses and are single-instance in nature, such as age, height, weight, gender, etc. But a person can have multiple addresses or phone numbers. If all of a person's multiple address and phone number information were stored in the same file as the other data, the per-person data (singletons) would be need to be replicated for each new address row or phone number row in order for the system to know which address or ...

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    The solution provides an MS Access 2010 database file attachment with three tables, each containing three records. A screen print is attached showing how the table relationships are defined. The solution also provides four paragraphs of explanation on the principles of relational database design and data normalization.