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Access Database: Employee Table and a Customer Table

If I could get some help explaining the assignment and how to create the requested doc that would be great!

Each individual should create an Access database that includes 2 different tables: an employee table and a customer table.

Field titles for the employee table should be as follows:
Employee ID number
First name
Last name
Date of hire
Date of birth
Social security number
Hourly wage
Field titles for the customer table should be the following:
Customer ID number
First name
Last name
Phone number
Number of items sold to store
Select the appropriate data type for each field title (for example: social security number would be number type)
For the employee table, enter 8 fake employees into the table
For the customer table, enter 10 fake customers into the table
Appropriately title each table
If you think of other field titles that should be included, make sure to include them.
Some things to consider:
To create a new table, click "Create" on the top toolbar and then select table.
To add field titles on the "Home" toolbar switch to Design View.

The Music Stop is a locally owned music store in your hometown. It buys and sells CDs, cassettes, and records with a staff of 8 people. Up until this point, it has been using paper-based records to keep track of customers who come in to sell used music; realizing this system is very outdated and problematic, the store has called you and asked you to create a simple Microsoft Access table so it can keep track of the customers selling music and its employees.

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