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    ERD using MySQL modeling tool

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    1.Use the following business rules to draw the fully labeled Crow's Foot ERD in Visio. The diagram must include all entities, attributes, and relationships. Primary keys and foreign keys must be clearly identified on the diagram. Write all appropriate connectivities and cardinalities on the ERD.
    a). A customer must own at least one car to be in the system. The number of cars can not exceed five cars per customer.
    b). A car is owned by one and only one customer.
    c). A car may generate many maintenance records.
    d). Each maintenance record is generated by one and only one car. e). Some cars have not (yet) generated a maintenance procedure.
    f). Each maintenance procedure can use many parts but not more than three parts per procedure.
    g). A part may be used in many maintenance records.

    2. Use MS Visio to draw an entity-relationship diagram (ERD) for the JustLee Book database (reference the structure of the database in Figure in the Ppt presentation attached). Draw a fully-labeled ERD that includes entities, labeled relationships (indicate whether each relationship is mandatory or optional), primary keys, foreign keys, and cardinalities. Follow the format (Crow's Foot notation) and naming conventions .

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    ERD using MySQL modeling tool