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Er diagram and business rules

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Develop a database in MS Access and a set of reports to support a business like Amazon.com. The following business rules should be addressed.
· Customer's may order multiple items
· Customer browsing should be monitored so they can be emailed relevant advertising.
· Track inventory (Books, authors, publishers, availability)
· Support customer reviews of books
· Customer may have multiple credit cards on file
· Customers may have a wish list
· Customers can be friends of other customers, and view comments on wish list of their friends.
The following reports should be developed:
· List customer names and email addresses from the customer with the most sales to the least.
· List all books where quantity on hand is below 5.
· Report on books purchased by other customer's who purchased the same book as a particular customer.
· List a customer's friends and their wish list items showing Title, price and availability
· List book titles and total revenue from highest revenue producer to lowest

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Er diagram and business rules are shown.

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