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Please refer to access_11 questions and make changes on database. (please change the file extension to access)

The following is also in the attachment

1. Create an AutoForm based on tblOrders. Name the AutoForm object frmOrders. Change the contents of the title bar of the form so that when it displayed in Form View, you are seeing the name of the form, rather than the name of the table on which the form was based.

Let's assume your company never keeps more than 1000 of any given product on hand. Therefore, if an order is placed for more than 500 of a product, a Message Box needs to be displayed telling the user to reorder that product immediately.

As the user goes about entering records into the form, if they enter a value greater than 500 in the Quantity Ordered field, as soon as they move the cursor out of that field a Message Box should be displayed with the following message:

This product needs to be reordered immediately.

Add a title to the Message Box of URGENT and display the warning symbol of a black exclamation point in a yellow triangle.

2. On the frmOrders form that you just created in #1, add a Command button that will bring the user directly to the frmProductDataEntry form. Label the button See Product Information. Place the Command button in the appropriate section of the form so that it visible at the top of every record.

Change the font of the button to Times new Roman 11 point bold, and change the color of the button to dark red. Make sure the entire contents of the button are fully displayed.

On the frmProductDataEntry form, add a Command button (also visible at the top of every record) that will bring the user directly back to frmOrders. Label the button 迭eturn to Order Form・

Change the font of the label in the command button to Times New Roman 11 point dark red bold.

3. Make a copy of qry#7ProductAndDateParameter, and name the copy qry#7Parameter2.

Add the Product Code field to the query copy (qry#7Parameter2).

Create a report based on query#7Parameter2 that includes the following fields:

Customer ID
Customer Name
Product Code
Quantity Ordered

When the Report Wizard asks you how you wish to view the data in the report, select by tblOrders.

Do not include any grouping or sorting.

Use the Tabular Layout, Portrait Orientation, and Corporate Style for the report.

Name the report rptProductsOrdered.

Once the report has been created, define a macro so that the report will preview only if there are data. If not, a message Box should display the following message:

This product was not ordered between the specified dates.

Name the macro mcrCancelReport.

NOTE: To test this macro with data in the report, you can use Standard Lumber with the dates 1/1/2002 to 1/1/2004. This will generate a report with 8 records. To test the macro with no data for the report, use Standard Lumber with the dates 1/1/2004 to 4/1/2004. This should cause the Message Box to be displayed.

4. Create a Switchboard for your database with the following characteristics:

a) Automatically displays and maximizes when the database is opened.

b) Do not use the Main Switchboard page that is provided for you, but rather create a new Switchboard named with your first name and the word Switchboard. (For example, mine is called Janis Switchboard.)

c) Make your new Switchboard the default.

d) The main page of the Switchboard Manager should have three buttons:

NOTE: The heading at the top of your Switchboard should, of course, reflect your own name. (Sorry to have to mention this, but this came up in a previous semester.)

 Enter Products

Should open the frmProductDataEntry form to display all of the available records.

 See Active Customers

Should run the qry#1ActiveCustomers query with all records displayed in the dynaset.

 Preview Reports

Should bring you to a second Switchboard page that contains three buttons:

o Total Cost With Grand Total Report

Should preview rpt#1TotalCostWithGrandTotals

o Sales Reps And Customers Report

Should preview rpt#2SalesRepsAndCustomerOrders

o Return to Main Switchboard

Thank you.

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