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Database Management: Draw an E-R Diagram

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Draw an E-R Diagram showing each entity, its attributes, and it relationships to the other entities. State any assumptions you make. Also Describe your usage of the mailing list, including the dates and subjects of the postings.

Bob's Bookworld is a wholesale supplier of textbooks to college bookstores. The company would like to develop a database to track customers orders. Textbooks are uniquely identified by an ISBN printed on their back cover and are also characterized by title, author name(s), subject and price. College bookstores are each assigned a unique Customer ID and are also characterized by their store name, address, and phone number. Each store is uniquely identified by an order number and also records the date the order was placed, subtotal, sales tax amount and order total. Orders can include multiple copies of a single textbook and/or different textbooks. For each textbook ordered, the quantity ordered should be recorded.

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Help with drawing an E-R Diagram is given in the attached Word document.

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