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    Start Access, and then open the FirmPays database. Open the query named " June 2". View the query in SQL and answer the following questions. Explain your answers.

    Which tables are used in the query?

    Which fields are displayed in the query results?

    What type of join is used between the tables?

    What selection criteria are used?

    Then write a query in SQL in the FirmPays database that fulfills the following parameters:

    Displays the AmtPaid, Firm#, DatePaid, and Payment#

    Selects firm number 1115 and DatePaid between 6-1-2001 and 6-10-2001

    Results should be ordered by payment date.

    See the attached file.

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    1. The tables firm and payment are used in this query

    2. The query displays Payment, AmtPaid from the payment table and Firmname from the firm table.

    3. The query uses an ...

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    The solution answers questions from Access then writes a query in SQL.