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    Secure Network and Restrictive Access

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    Short and to the point:

    In order to secure the network and restrict access to sensitive information, what user groups would you create to implement the following rules?

    a. Each department has full access to its own information.

    b. The Administration department has read/write access to accounting information.

    c. The Marketing department should have read-only access to the Manufacturing department information

    d. Administration has read-only access to all information.

    e. Manufacturing has access to manufacturing information, but no other files in an other department.

    f. Accounting has read-only access to marketing information.

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    a) Each department would have its own respective groups with full access rights to its data respository.

    b) Accounting would have full access rights to its data respository, while an ...

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    The solution examines secure network and restrictive access to sensitive information. What user groups would be created to implement the rules is determined.