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    Question About ER Diagram

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    The State and Capital relations, shown in the attached figure are described as follows:

    - State (StateAbbrev, StateName, EnteredUnionOrder, StateBird, StatePopulation)
    - Capital (Capital Name, State Abbrev, YearDesignated, PhoneAreaCode, CapitalPopulation)
    - Foreign key: StateAbbrev to State relation

    - Add the attribute CountyName for the county or counties containing the state capital to this database.
    - Justify where you placed it (that is, in an existing relation or in a new one).
    - Draw the entity-relationship diagram for all of the entities using the AutoShapes in Microsoft Word.

    Note: The counties for the state capitals shown in the figure above are Travis and Williamson counties for Austin TX; Hartford county for Hartford CT; Clinton, Eaton, and Ingham counties for Lansing, MI; Davidson county for Nashville TN; Hughes county for Pierre SD.

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    1. The attribute of CountyName should be added into an additional table, named "Capital's county" table, which contains two columns, CountyName and CapitalName. The primary key is CountyName and CapitalName (Some county names may be ...

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