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Data Fields Microsoft Words

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Using Microsoft Word, list all of the data fields that would be needed for a sales contact database system. Think of it as an extended address book with additional fields to keep track of things that interest salespeople. The only requirements are that you must consider how to store notes about the contact, track any follow up items, and store multiple phone number for each contact. Be sure to include the field type and size. Please do not jump ahead and try to create tables. Right now I'm just looking for a list of fields. This is somewhat vague on purpose. I want you to decide what is needed in the database.
This is what I did for the above instruction. And I want someone to help me by using Microsoft Access (Word or Excel are fine if you don't have Access), create the preliminary database tables for the sales contact system from above Question. Be sure to include field type and size. Indicate what fields you believe will be primary keys, foreign keys, and indexes.

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The expert examines data fields for Microsoft Words.

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Table: Customers
CustomerID Text 8 PK
CustomerLastName Text 12
CustomerFirstName Text 12
CustomerHousePhNo Int 7
CustomerOffciePhNo Int 7
CustomerMobileNo Int ...

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