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    Microsoft Access as a Database: Clerical Placements

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    In a clerical office/job placement (staffing agency) setting, what are the typical uses of Microsoft Access as a database?

    What are the typical improvements that can be suggested for Microsoft Access in a clerical setting?

    What other databases (Oracle, DB2, etc) would be known to benefit a clerical/job placement (staffing agency) organization using databases?

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    In a staffing agency application, Microsoft (MS) Access can be used to create tables that contain data of prospective and current employees, for example the following fields can be used in an "Employee" table: Last Name, First Name, Date of Birth, Address, Driver's License Number, Date of Joining, Reporting Office, Salary Band, Gross Salary, etc.

    Since MS Access has ...

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    This is a discussion on Microsoft Access being used as a database for staffing agencies and improvements that could be made to the program.