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conversion: unnormalized relation, 1NF, 2NF, 3NF

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Nazca Cinemas is a small movie theater that would like you to design a movie scheduling database system for them. The theater has four rooms (screens). Each room has its own unique ID and the seating capacity and screen size for each are recorded. Each movie is assigned a unique movie ID and its title and runtime are recorded.

Assume the following:

A movie can be shown more than once on a given date.
A movie can be shown more than once in a given room.
A movie can be shown in more than one room simultaneously.
Several showings can be booked at different start times in a given room on a given date.

The following unnormalized relation has been developed based on this case. Do not add any additional attributes.

SHOWING (MovieID, Title, Runtime, RoomID, ScreenSize, Capacity, Date, StartTime)

1. Convert the unnormalized relation into 1NF and briefly discuss the changes that were necessary.
2. Convert the 1NF relation to 2NF and briefly discuss the changes that were necessary.
3. Convert the 2NF relation to 3NF and briefly discuss the changes that were necessary.

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Conversion with unnormalized relation, 1NF, 2NF, 3NF is emphasized.

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