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    unnormalized relation

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    The following unnormalized relation shows a modified version of the Nazca Cinemas case problem. A ShowingID attribute has been added to the relation. Each individual showing (a given movie in a given room on a given date at a given time) of a movie is given its own unique ShowingID. Using the modified version of the unnormalized relation, rework the normalization process. Do not add any additional attributes to those shown in this unnormalized relation:

    SHOWING (ShowingID, MovieID, Title, Runtime, RoomID, ScreenSize, Capacity, Date, StartTime, EndTime)

    1. Convert the modified unnormalized relation into 1NF and briefly discuss the changes that were necessary.
    2. Convert the 1NF relation to 2NF and briefly discuss the changes that were necessary.
    3. Convert the 2NF relation to 3NF and briefly discuss the changes that were necessary.

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    The original relation is already in 1NF, because each of its column is of atomic value and does not contain composite value. ScreeSize can be described as ...

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