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Electron Tunneling

I am given three unnormalized wavefunctions for the system:
psi(x) = 100e^x for x<-4
psi(x) = 0.73 cos[(pi)x/40] for-4<x<4
psi(x) = 100e^-x for x>4

I need to determine the probability of the wavefunction vs. x for this system from x=-10 to x=10 so that I can plot it. I have to comment on the probability of finding the particle outside of the box (x<-4 or x>4). Then I need to find the average kinetic energy of the particle between -4 and 4 using the kinetic energy operator and integral tables (Use the unnormalized function). Then I need to normalize the wavefunction in the region between -4 and 4.

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The last question is pretty ambiguous.
If you need to normalize the wave function only at -4<x<4 disregarding the rest, I answered that in the last part of my answer (this is making the problem an infinite well problem).

If ...

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This solution is provided in approximately 219 words. It discusses wave function conditions and writes equations and continuity for the unnormalized functions. A diagram of the normalized wave function is provided along with the probability.