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    Intro to database - Crow's Foot model; ERD; Entities

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    Meridian News publishes a daily newspaper and would like a database developed to maintain information about subscribers and subscriptions. Each subscriber is uniquely identified by a subscriber number and is also characterized by first name, last name, address, and phone number. Each subscription is uniquely identified by a subscription number and is also characterized by subscription type (Daily or Sunday only), price, start date, and expiration date. The price paid for a subscription is input when the subscription is sold, since it may vary due to special offers or situations. Expired subscriptions and former subscribers that no longer have a current subscription remain in the database.

    The example report (attached) shows the subscriptions belonging to subscriber number 31893.

    1. Identify the entities discussed in the case?
    2. What is the minimum number of current subscriptions for a subscriber?
    2. What is the maximum number of subscriptions for a subscriber?
    4. Using the Crow's Foot model, draw an ERD for the Meridian News database and state any assumptions you believe you have to make in order to develop a complete diagram.

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