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Strategy and Business Analysis

Failing business v. accomplished business

I am in need of some help composing a 4-5 page report regarding a failing business and a business that is currently very accomplished. Specifically, one outling what factors (competition, environment, planning) played a role in the success of the accomplished business, and the factors that led to the downfall of the failing busi

Consumption behaviors in art and cultural sectors for developing

Hello I need help explaining how the following reference/article: Kang, D. S. (2010). Understanding of consumption behaviors in art and cultural sectors for developing successful communication plans. Journal Of Targeting, Measurement & Analysis For Marketing, 18(3/4), 263-279. doi:10.1057/jt.2010.13 Compares to my thought of h

Shared values of Fed Ex

In approximately 2-3 pages utilizing access to annual reports, describe FED EX's overview including its business, Market position, size, relevance, history and prospects. Also describe the overall (superordinate, shared, corporate) values of Fed Ex. These should include its stated values and goals with respect to its owners,

Teamwork: How to improve it

What are some of the obstacles and opportunities that exist for teams in the modern innovative world? Do teams require formal leadership in order to be effective? What kind of experiences of you had working on teams? Have your experiences been positive? Why or why not? How could they have been improved? What plan would you

Equal access to all aspects of the energy infrastructure exist

Based on the article, does equal access to all aspects of the energy infrastructure actually exist? Apply the knowledge learned in this week's session, and analyse whether equal access to energy infrastructure in Europe has actually been beneficial or detrimental to the promotion of competition and, in turn, whether this has str

Effective Governance at Dell

Is there evidence of effective governance at Dell in regard to (1) accurate financial reports and controls, (2) a critical appraisal of strategic action plans, (3) evaluation of the strategic leadership skills of the CEO, and (4) executive compensation?

Feedback Loops for Whole Foods Market

Identify the opportunites for organizational learning in the feedback loop. Make a case that these are learning opportunities. (Show how the feedback process provides an opportunity for the organization to learn and improve its performance) Feedback Loops consisted of: -Quality/ Customer feedback/ 365 Product line -Set

Discussion on Strategic Choices Dealing with General Mills

Need help with a discussion on Strategic Choices dealing with General Mills. Can you help me understand this? What are General Mills' corporate-level strategies? What generic Porter strategy does the company follow? Are General Mills' strategic choices aligned with the Porter generic strategy you believe the company follows?

Feedback Loops for Mayo Clinic

1. Determine the two critical feedback loops for Mayo Clinic. 2. Describe each Feedback Loop that you identify for the Mayo Clinic organization and explain why you selected them. 3. Make sure you explain the Loop, the cause and effect process within the Loop. 4. Please include a Causal Loop Diagram. Show the arrows and

Corporate Strategies for Public Companies

What do you think would be a suitable PUBLICLY TRADED company cannot be extended past by June 16th. I was thinking facebook maybe since you had already did research on them or Disney or what are your thoughts. At this point I am just asking for a good publicly traded company that has enough research out there for the project I w

Objective Outputs in Congruence Model

Congruence Model recognizes "Outputs" as existing at the Individual, Group, and Organizational levels Instead of using subjective descriptors to evaluate performance at the three output levels in Congruence Model. What are some objective criteria for Mayo Clinic? What do you think about using the SMART criteria to analyze

Analysing Joint Venture and Strategic Alliance of Alibaba

select two of the more prominent cooperative linkages that Alibaba has made. Please explain to me the meaningful differences between the two different alliances or joint ventures you have selected. It would be most helpful if you summarizing key details about Alibaba's two alliances or joint ventures so I can best understand.

Strategic Alliances.

VERY SHORT INFO NEEDED-One of the most effective approaches for creating a sustainable, competitive advantage are complementary strategic alliances. Your first section of the post justify whether you agree that complementary strategic alliances are the best approach. Be sure to refer to the basic requirements for sustainable co

Fiat Auto acquisition of Chrysler represents a growth strategy

assignment has three parts. You should use brief headings to separate your post into the three sections. For the first section of your post, evaluate whether the Fiat Auto acquisition of Chrysler represents a growth strategy. •Analyze the external environment in which Fiat competes, including identification of the critica

General Electric Acquisitions

Please help with summarizing: 1. Key information about GE's two recent acquisitions. 2. The organization's rationale for acquisitions (the logic by GE in justifying the acquisition? appropriate examples.) 3. Which of the sources of integration difficulties seem to be of concern in this acquisition? 4. Summarized key ta

The Balanced Scorecard: Measure that Drives Performance

After reading the article "The Balanced Scorecard: Measures That Drive Performance" by Robert S. Kaplan and David P. Norton (Harvard Business Review article, no. R0507Q), answer the following questions: - Why do the companies need to measure their performances? - Why was the balanced scorecard introduced to managers as a str

Tesla- Strategic analysis

Use a give links below and other sources to answer all the question http://www.teslamotors.com/powerwall http://www.engadget.com/2015/05/06/tesla-powerwall-earnings/ http://www.techrepublic.com/article/tesla-powerwall-what-you-need-to-know/ Tesla 2013 Case Analysis: Analysis: Focus on External and/or Internal Enviro

Accounting Income Versus Cash Flows

Please help with the following problem. "Over sufficiently long time periods, net income equals cash inflows minus cash outflows, other than cash flows with owners." Demonstrate the accuracy of this statement in this scenario: Two friends contribute $50,000 each to form a new business. The owners used the amounts contr


1. Briefly describe the branding and positioning strategies of Apple and Philips. 2. Do they build brand loyalty? If so, what emotions are involved? 3. How would you describe the brand personalities of Apple and Philips? Explain why you believe the personality represents each brand. 4. What are the similarities between the t

Stress, the brain and hormones

1. Define acute and chronic stress. Provide examples. 2. What region of the brain detects stress and interprets the stimulus as dangerous? What is its function, and where does it relay the signal that conveys the danger? What format is the signal in? What is the role of the region of the brain that receives the stress alert?

Challenges of Cross-Border Alliances

International borders are becoming less visible as the global economy expands. Respond to the following questions: How can a cross-border alliance be beneficial to an organization that wants to expand globally? What hindrances to international cooperative strategies can you foresee? Can cross-border alliances be part of bo

Strategic Management of Apple Inc. and Samsung Group

1. Analyze the existing business strategies, domestic and global environments, industry, and internal capabilities for both Apple and Samsung. Assess the significant manner in which each company's mission and vision align with the long-terms goals and strategic direction of the organization. 2. Analyze the central manner in wh

Strategic Choices of Overstock

Using the frameworks discussed in the background readings, critically analyze Overstock.com's strategic choices at the corporate level (remember that "corporate" level is the very highest level of the organization, with lower levels being the "functional" and the "business" levels). WEEK 1: What are Overstock's corporate-lev

Application of the Porter Generic Strategy

Conduct a strategic analysis of the Kraft Foods Group. Identify the primary business strategy employed by the Kraft Foods Group. You will also be providing a critical analysis evaluating that strategy in the context of the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. Respond to the following: 1. Which of the four gene

Kraft Foods Strategic Choices

Using the Kraft Foods Group, we will be integrating the results of our SWOT with our chosen strategy. Create a 5x5 table with the four strategies listed across the top and the four SWOT variables at left as follows: Low Cost Differentiation Focus

Diversification - Related and Unrelated Diversification

Diversification is a corporate-level strategy that can create value for an organization. What are the differences between related and unrelated diversification? Why would an organization select a related or unrelated diversification strategy over the other? Explain with examples of related and unrelated diversification. P

Auto Industry Competitor Attitudes

Knowing the competition is as important as knowing one's organization. Use the example of the auto industry and respond to the following: Identify one company in the auto industry and describe its competitor behavior. Identify the company's competitors. What kind of competitive dynamics can you identify or expect to occur

Leadership: Jack Welch

Based on Jack Welch's Becoming a Leader, answer the following: Part one: Discussion One: Applying the Lessons Question 1: Discuss Jack Welch's Eight Essential Rules. Question 2: Which of the Eight Rules have you seen in action? Share concrete examples of how you have seen great leaders apply these rules. Question 3: Focu

Business Intelligence (BI) articles

Read 4 good articles related to business intelligence. What qualifies as a good article? The article should be from an IT periodical or academic journal. It should not be a brief announcement about some new vendor release. It should not be a blog entry or opinion piece. It should have some depth to it. The collection of articl

Organizational Culture and Rebellious Employees

Yes, not doubt communication is key to better performance and great leaders know how to communicate really well. Silence means approval, doesn't it? Clearly communicated expectations are a must when trying to build your team. Let's move away from the formal review for a moment. Letting people know where they stand is all also ab