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    Standardized Information

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    What are the advantages and disadvantages of standardized information?

    What is standardized information and describe the two types of standardized information? Distinguish between these two types and provide an example of each.

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    According to Bush and Burns (2003), standardized information is a kind of secondary data wherein the process of collecting the data or the data being collected are patterned for all users. Standardized information have two broad classifications:
    1. Syndicated data - external; secondary; collected in consistent format and available to all the subscribers; coming from a common database and available for a fee. The Nielsen TV ratings collects TV information using a standard method. Another example is the Arbitron as it provides data about the listeners of various radio stations in every radio market. Advertisers are interested in this type of data to identify their specific target market. Radio stations can also use the data to gain information about the characteristics of their audience. Both the ...

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