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    Shared values of Fed Ex

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    In approximately 2-3 pages utilizing access to annual reports, describe FED EX's overview including its business, Market position, size, relevance, history and prospects.

    Also describe the overall (superordinate, shared, corporate) values of Fed Ex. These should include its stated values and goals with respect to its owners, employees, customers, society, and the environment.

    In an opinion of the organization, how important are these values? Do they inform the organization's daily activities, or are they mainly "lip service?" Explain.

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    //Different organizations hold different market position in their related industries. In this series, in the following discussion the business overview of FedEx and its market size and position is presented.//

    FedEx's overview


    FedEx's is engaged in the business of air delivery & freight services since 1971, the year in which company was incorporated. The company has its operations spread in many countries across the globe. The provides various services relating to the delivery and freight through four segments such as FedEx services, FedEx express, FedEx ground, and FedEx freight. Within the portfolio of FedEx services segment, the company has products like, networking expertise,, customer support, data management sales and marketing, E- commerce services, solutions design and information technology. The FedEx ground provides ground package delivery services and FedEx freight segment provides the services of less than truck load along with freight shipping services.

    Market position and size:

    FedEx is a large market cap company having $44.07 billion market cap. The market capitalization of the company has been increasing over the years. The ...

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    The shared values of Fed Ex are examined. The response addresses the query is posted in 746 words with APA References.