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    Corporate Strategies for Public Companies

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    What do you think would be a suitable PUBLICLY TRADED company cannot be extended past by June 16th. I was thinking facebook maybe since you had already did research on them or Disney or what are your thoughts. At this point I am just asking for a good publicly traded company that has enough research out there for the project I will be working on below: Need name of company???

    •Executive Summary—1-page synthesis . What is the organization? What is its corporate strategy? What are one or two important pieces of rationale for having that strategy? What are one or two brief examples of how that strategy is (or isn't) accurately implemented? What are one or two important recommendations you can make to the organization about the strategic development and implementation of its corporate strategy.

    •General Analysis of Corporate Strategy—2-page analysis of the organization's corporate strategy. What is the corporate strategy? What is the rationale that management uses to guide its decisions and actions at the corporate level? What is the business logic and reasoning behind the formulation of that strategy?

    •Formulation of Corporate Strategy—2-page assessment of appropriateness and congruence of the various elements of the corporate strategy. Does each part fit with the logic and rationale of the overall corporate strategy? Is there internal consistency in how the corporate strategy is formulated?

    •Implementation of Corporate Strategy—3-page evaluation of decisions and actions actually made by management and of its ability to make those decisions consistent with the stated corporate strategy. Are the organization's decisions and actions consistent with or inconsistent with its corporate strategy? Does it possess the resources and capability to follow its corporate strategy (i.e., "make it happen")? Does alignment exist between its strategy and its leadership, structure, systems, and culture?

    •Conclusions and Recommendations—2-page justification of consultant-type recommendations to the organization. Does the organization need to change its corporate strategy? Does it need to address congruence among the corporate strategy elements? Does it need to address how decisions and actions are made and implemented? Provide clear research, rationale, and appropriate examples to support your conclusions and recommendations.

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    Executive summary
    Microsoft is a very successful software company that deals with enormous products being used by the customers and the businesses. Its product ranges from PC operating system and various applications used by the business and the enterprises. Additionally, it also deals with server and storage software, mobile phone software and video game consoles like X box.
    The company adopted growth strategy wherein the key focus area is to proliferate itself in different areas. The company wishes to expand itself to meet the ever increasing demands of the consumers.
    Microsoft has adopted the growth strategy because it helped the company in increasing its profitability and generation of outstanding position in the market all over the world. Another reason of adoption lies in its sound competitive advantage. The strategies adopted has also made the company highly efficient with regard to tangible and intangible resources. The company is also able to control its financial structure, research capability and others.
    The advanced and innovative technologies of the company has introduced Microsoft office that is used for the official work including Microsoft power point, suite, Microsoft excel and many more. Apart from all these facilitation provided by the company, it should also focus on providing new products and laying less emphasis on acquiring other companies. Along with this, improvement is also needed in terms of its investment policies. It should also make its strategic alliance more strong and powerful. At the last, it needs to pay more emphasis on developing its mobile market.
    //For the organizations to achieve success, it is very vital for the organization to adopt strong and unique strategies. In the era of tough competition, adopting and implementing such strategies helps an organization to build its brand image and a leading position in the market all over the world. In further discussion, the corporate strategies of Microsoft are analyzed.//
    Corporate Strategy of Microsoft
    In spite of dealing with enormous threats and challenges, Microsoft is able to maintain its position in the market through the adoption of very sound strategies. The corporate strategy adopted by the company is growth strategy that facilitates it to proliferate itself in various areas and to establish its brand image worldwide (Microsoft, 2010).
    Rationale for adopting growth strategy
    The company has adopted growth strategy due to many reasons including competition and lack of awareness in consumers. At times, Microsoft has experienced a crisis in its financial structure due to the increased competition posed by the external environment. The company was unable to maintain its position in the market. In this regard, the management made a decision of cutting the prices of the products and solutions offered by the company without influencing the quality (Microsoft, 2010). It is a general tendency of the individuals to get attracted towards those products and organizations that offer the best at minimum prices. Therefore, the same tendency adopted by Microsoft has helped it to rebuild its position by attracting the consumers.
    Another decision making factor for the management to adopt growth strategy is the surpassed growth in the market. The company, although being able to produce good quality and accessible products, suffered from significant loss as it lacked efficient market share. Thus, in order to expand itself in the world, the company had gone through introducing its products in different areas so that the audience becomes aware of the use and features of its product line incorporated with advance technologies.
    Reasons and Logic of Formulating Growth Strategy
    The basic reason and logic of formulation the growth strategy lies on the grounds of expanding the profitability and brand image, along with the development of competitive advantage. The company operates in a market of low share with products of higher value, thus in order to expand the market share of its products, the need for adopting growth strategies was realized. In addition to this, the company has also not earned the attention of any public figures. In this regard, the company has adopted various practices in order to grow itself in the market. The differentiation strategy is used by the organizations to bring some different and non-substitute features in its products so that the customers are attracted towards the products. The loyal consumers always wish to pay for the unique features that ultimately help an organization to create its brand image. To meet the demands of its consumers, the company targets the audience on the basis of demographics, preferences and their purchase history (Ireland, 2008). This provides the company a focus area and ability to differentiate. In this context, Microsoft has differentiated its products on the ground of innovation and trust. It has provided its consumers with user-friendly interfaces, SOA, cloud computing and many more features. In terms of securing the trust of customers, it has undertaken many initiatives and also tries to concentrate on the features that lack accountability. The major drawback of the company is that it does not have a wide market for its products, thus, in order to obtain a market position, it has diversified its product range (TMB, 2014). Another reason for adopting growth strategy is that the initial prices of the products and solutions of the company were very costly and were not easily affordable by the consumers. The company has also gone through tough times of downturn and increased competition that has made the company to rethink upon its corporate strategies. Hence, to make the company established and secure its position in the market, it has decided to cut the products' prices from flagship Windows and Office products to newfangled internet services. The main aim to implement the low price strategy is ...

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    The response addressed the query is posted in 3313 words with references.