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Strategy and Business Analysis

Validity Versus Reliability

Validity is more critical to measurement than reliability. Maybe the validity versus reliability is more context related. In certain situations, you might be more interested in having valid results, such as for a blood sugar (glucose) measurement. That measurement has to be valid otherwise you might under or over dose on insulin

State Farm Intersection Case Study

Case study: 1 Identify the various constructs and concepts involved in the study. 2 What hypothesis might drive the research of one of the cities on the top 10 dangerous intersection list? 3 Evaluate the methodology for State Farm's resear

Management in Oil and Gas Production

Cognitive Test - Decision Making Decision-making are becoming more common in the job application market and they are a good measurement of your thought processes such as are you a leader or follower? You are presented with 18 different situations that could occur in the workplace and there are a number of different solutions

Lululemon's Market Segmentation Strategy

Read the attached case study and answer the following: 1. How would you describe Lululemon's market segmentation strategy? Who do you think are Lululemon's typical customers? 2. What generic business-level strategy is Lululemon pursuing? Does this strategy give it an advantage over its rivals in the athletic clothing busin

New Products, Foreign Markets, and Market Segmentation

1. New product development: What is the most important thing to consider in new product development? Why? Why is it necessary to evaluate the new product idea at each and every stage of the development process? How can marketers best promote consumer adoption of a new product? 2. Foreign markets: What are some factors co

Strategic Management: Downsizing, Downscoping, Acquisitions Etc.

What are the differences between downscoping and downsizing and why are each used? What are the attributes of a successful acquisition program? What are the five categories of businesses based on level of diversification? What are the advantages and disadvantages of being a first mover, second mover, and late mover?

Porter diamond framework and business strategy

1) (Apply the Pestel factors from PESTEL order to identify the support for the industry (Porter's diamond model) by the nation and the relevant market boundaries (or what factor causes a customer to prefer one competitor over the other) In other words: based on the Pestel analysis

Human Performance: Sub-Optimal Goals

1. Sub-optimizing goals can create systemic issues within an organization. Briefly explain how this might occur. 2. Look at the attached Entity Matrix. Will that class be enough to change physician behavior so that physicians will enter their own patient orders into a computer system? What clues do you see to support your de

The Impact of Technology on Human Performance

1. Look at the attached diagram. What would the impact be of automating step A? What would the ROI be? Explain where you would look for data to support this change and define the exact ROI. 2. Why is designing an effective organizational structure vital to the success of an organization? 3. Explain the role of data in req

Innovation in the tourism industry

Explain the innovative process in the tourism industry. Recommend how an industry leader should search, select, implement, acquire, execute, launch, and sustain an innovative offering that is appropriate for the chosen industry. What can they learn from the adopting innovation? How can this be used to maintain a competitive e

Incentive Plans, Employee Performance and Increasing Company Profits

In 250 words or more please explain the following 58% of managers indicated their sales incentive plans encourage choices that reduce company profits. Often the performance measures motivate the wrong behaviors. What measures (sale incentives) would you suggest to motivate the right behavior to increase company profits?

Competitive Dynamics, Business-Level Strategy & Internal Organization

Part 1: 1. Why is it important for a firm to study and understand its internal organization? 2. What is value? Why is it critical for the firm to create value? How does it do so? 3. What are the differences between tangible and intangible resources? Why is it important for decision makers to understand these differences? Are

Simmons Farm and Seed Company: Competitive Strategy Analysis

Mr. Carter is the manager of Simmons Farm and Seed Company, a wholesaler of fertilizer, seed, and other farm supplies. The company has been successful in recent years primarily because of great customer service, flexible credit terms, customized orders (quantities, seed mix, etc), and on-time delivery. Global Agricultural Produc

Targeting Segments and Brand Positioning

Imagine that you are a direct competitor of twitter and your company name is better, create a brand positioning statement that addresses the benefits of why customers should use your company instead of Twitter.

Mission Statement/ Vision Statement

In the Session Long Project of MGT599, we will create a "strategic toolkit" which, once assembled, will allow you to undertake strategic planning and implementation projects in any organization. Upon successful completion of the Module 1 SLP, you will be able to use your SLP to assess the mission and vision statements of any com

Account Sales Representative

1.How do you Generates revenue by developing market potential through forecasting, lead generation, qualification, and closing sales; recommending new products and services? With who do you Generates revenue by developing market potential through forecasting, lead generation, qualification, and closing sales; recommending new

Business support systems

I need assistance with the following study questions: 1. A major dimension that forms the competitive position of the company includes the following: a. Organization b. Planning c. Controlling d. Flexibility 2. Which of the following is the first step in developing priorities when crafting a manufacturing strategy? a.

Stages of strategic management plan

Determine which stage of the strategic management plan is the easiest. Defend your choice and explain why using at least two examples and detail where applicable. Your response should be at least 200 words in length. All sources used must be referenced; paraphrased and quoted material must have accompanying citations in APA

Business Financial Standing in Marketplace

The "subject/theme" for this discussion is to determine if a corporation can be analyzed by using the internet. Search through the internet to find resources for corporate 10-K reports, proxy statements and other news related to the corporation (Wal-Mart), you will find that there are free websites that will provide these reso

Wal-Mart's Strategic Analysis

Discuss the Wal-Mart's generic strategy and what is done to strengthen its strategy. (provide details) Explain how Wal-Mart' responds offensively and defensively to improve strategic position. (provide details) Explain (in details) and recommend complementary moves such as merger and acquisition, horizontal and vertical

Smoking and Obesity

Question 1: From: Chapter 1: Marketing: Creating and Capturing Customer Value Name of the textbook: Principles of Marketing (14th Edition) PHILIP Kotler "Northwestern University" & GARY Armstrong "University of North Carolina" Question title: Focus on ethics "page 33" Sixty years ago, about 45 percent of Americans smoke

Statistics in Business Research

Please help analyzing "how statistics is used to present information in research?" Why use statistics in business research, and what is its role? How is statistical data collected and how was it measured in research? What are the findings of statistics in research?

Purchasing and Supply Management Scenario Response

Essay Question 3: You have been selected by your program office to work with the user of a new Procurement/Acquisition. You have completed and Analysis of Alternatives to meet the need and have determined that you must make a material buy. Working with your user you begin to define the Key Performance Parameters (KPPs). L

Methods for operation research

The holding company, Pettibone LLC, that owns Pettibone is very interested in your problem solving techniques learned in Quantitative Problem Solving. Your manager has asked to you write a 1 to 2 page double spaced paper outlining some of the tools and techniques they could use to answer their business problems. Research Pettibo

Effective methods of financing health care

Analyze the impact of financing the present U.S. health care system and the consequential ramifications for citizens. Rationalize the use of dwindling funds to support the burgeoning U.S. health difficulties in a time of other competitive national interests. Evaluate the levels of affordability and accessibility of different