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    Strategy and Business Analysis

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    Kraft Foods Strategic Choices

    Using the Kraft Foods Group, we will be integrating the results of our SWOT with our chosen strategy. Create a 5x5 table with the four strategies listed across the top and the four SWOT variables at left as follows: Low Cost Differentiation Focus

    Diversification - Related and Unrelated Diversification

    Diversification is a corporate-level strategy that can create value for an organization. What are the differences between related and unrelated diversification? Why would an organization select a related or unrelated diversification strategy over the other? Explain with examples of related and unrelated diversification. P

    Auto Industry Competitor Attitudes

    Knowing the competition is as important as knowing one's organization. Use the example of the auto industry and respond to the following: Identify one company in the auto industry and describe its competitor behavior. Identify the company's competitors. What kind of competitive dynamics can you identify or expect to occur

    Leadership: Jack Welch

    Based on Jack Welch's Becoming a Leader, answer the following: Part one: Discussion One: Applying the Lessons Question 1: Discuss Jack Welch's Eight Essential Rules. Question 2: Which of the Eight Rules have you seen in action? Share concrete examples of how you have seen great leaders apply these rules. Question 3: Focu

    Business Intelligence (BI) articles

    Read 4 good articles related to business intelligence. What qualifies as a good article? The article should be from an IT periodical or academic journal. It should not be a brief announcement about some new vendor release. It should not be a blog entry or opinion piece. It should have some depth to it. The collection of articl

    Organizational Culture and Rebellious Employees

    Yes, not doubt communication is key to better performance and great leaders know how to communicate really well. Silence means approval, doesn't it? Clearly communicated expectations are a must when trying to build your team. Let's move away from the formal review for a moment. Letting people know where they stand is all also ab

    Competitive Advantage and Globalization

    •Explain how resource-based competitive advantage drives globalization strategies for Fortune 500 firms. •Why are application of project management principles critical to effective business operations?

    Resource Based View for Kraft Foods

    In the background materials section of this module, we discussed the process and utility of conducting an internal analysis as a means of critically assessing a company's strengths and weaknesses. One of the tools discussed in the background materials was the Resource Based View (RBV) analysis. Required Reading Refer to

    Porter Five Forces and PEST Analysis of Kraft Foods

    Case External Environment Analysis Remember that the Case in this course is an ongoing exercise, meaning that we will be taking an intensive look at one company over the course of our five modules. This session, we will be conducting a strategic analysis of the Kraft Foods Group. The best preparation for doing well on th

    Risk and mitigation for a restaurant

    Risk is about creating value while addressing risks in various forms. I need to address the following in three pages •Identify a business of your choice and structure the risks associated with tactical, strategic and emerging elements of risks. •Identify how these risks might be mitigated.

    General environment and industry environment

    Knowing the external environment around an organization is as important as knowing the organization itself. Evaluate an organization. Respond to the following: Identify the three most important elements of the general environment that impact your organization. Identify the three most important elements of the industry

    Vision and mission of a company

    Vision and mission statements are the essence of what an organization is and what it wants to become. Not all companies do a good job of crafting these statements. Research and locate three companies' vision and mission statements. Also review general information about the companies. Respond to the following: Critique the

    Actuality vs Espoused Reality

    Explain how a manager would avoid having espoused reality enter into his or her department. Include a discussion on the tools they could use, would department meetings help - please be sure to support your position with peer reviewed references.

    Information Technology in Civilian and Military Organizations

    Discuss the planning for and implementation of information technology in civilian and military organizations based on the overall strategic goals require essentially similar organizational competencies. The Case for this Module pursues the idea of the development of competencies through the use of information technology base

    Lean Manufacturing Budget Table

    1. Prepare a 1 page or less Executive Summary - this will come after your title page in the front of the document, it should be VOID of citations and indentations, it is a solid paragraph and encapsulates what your reader will find in your paper - highlights only please. 2. Prepare a ½ - 1 page conclusion or recommendations se

    Qualitative Research Methods & Lean Manufacturing

    Creswell speaks to the value of qualitative research methods. How does Creswell establish qualitative is the most likely research approach for implementing lean manufacturing? Why would quantitative methods not suitable? Be sure to back this up with a source that supports your thoughts.

    MiniCase 15: Yum! Brands

    • Yum! Brands is the result of a spin-off by PepsiCo, where it sold its fast-food chains KFC, Taco Bell, and Pizza Hut. Do you consider this spin-off successful? Why or why not? Explain. o Evaluated the success of the spin-off by looking at the value created since the divestment, and whether PepsiCo is better or worse off as

    Validity Versus Reliability

    Validity is more critical to measurement than reliability. Maybe the validity versus reliability is more context related. In certain situations, you might be more interested in having valid results, such as for a blood sugar (glucose) measurement. That measurement has to be valid otherwise you might under or over dose on insulin

    State Farm Intersection Case Study

    Case study: http://novellaqalive2.mheducation.com/sites/dl/free/0070600910/238977/State_Farm.pdf 1 Identify the various constructs and concepts involved in the study. 2 What hypothesis might drive the research of one of the cities on the top 10 dangerous intersection list? 3 Evaluate the methodology for State Farm's resear

    Management in Oil and Gas Production

    Cognitive Test - Decision Making Decision-making are becoming more common in the job application market and they are a good measurement of your thought processes such as are you a leader or follower? You are presented with 18 different situations that could occur in the workplace and there are a number of different solutions

    Lululemon's Market Segmentation Strategy

    Read the attached case study and answer the following: 1. How would you describe Lululemon's market segmentation strategy? Who do you think are Lululemon's typical customers? 2. What generic business-level strategy is Lululemon pursuing? Does this strategy give it an advantage over its rivals in the athletic clothing busin

    New Products, Foreign Markets, and Market Segmentation

    1. New product development: What is the most important thing to consider in new product development? Why? Why is it necessary to evaluate the new product idea at each and every stage of the development process? How can marketers best promote consumer adoption of a new product? 2. Foreign markets: What are some factors co

    Strategic Management: Downsizing, Downscoping, Acquisitions Etc.

    What are the differences between downscoping and downsizing and why are each used? What are the attributes of a successful acquisition program? What are the five categories of businesses based on level of diversification? What are the advantages and disadvantages of being a first mover, second mover, and late mover?

    Porter diamond framework and business strategy

    1) (Apply the Pestel factors from PESTEL order to identify the support for the industry (Porter's diamond model) by the nation and the relevant market boundaries (or what factor causes a customer to prefer one competitor over the other) http://www.westga.edu/~bquest/1997/ecnmkt.html In other words: based on the Pestel analysis

    Human Performance: Sub-Optimal Goals

    1. Sub-optimizing goals can create systemic issues within an organization. Briefly explain how this might occur. 2. Look at the attached Entity Matrix. Will that class be enough to change physician behavior so that physicians will enter their own patient orders into a computer system? What clues do you see to support your de

    The Impact of Technology on Human Performance

    1. Look at the attached diagram. What would the impact be of automating step A? What would the ROI be? Explain where you would look for data to support this change and define the exact ROI. 2. Why is designing an effective organizational structure vital to the success of an organization? 3. Explain the role of data in req