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    Securities and Exchange Commission

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    The House of Congress passed in May a bill that would require the Securities and Exchange Commission to carry out a cost benefit analysis of each of its policies, to assure that the "benfit" of its regulations outweigh the "costs" on business. Read the linked article while keeping into mind how a cost benefit analysis can make or break an initiative, regulation, or project.

    Imagine you are conducting a cost-benefit analysis. How do you plan to use this when making decisions about public expenditures? How necessary is it in the decision-making process?

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    //The exercise of carrying out the cost-benefit analysis for a given financial activity plays an important role. There is a use of net present value for comparison, and this activity is important for decision-making purpose. In context to this, the usage of cost-benefit analysis for the public expenditures is explained below. //

    The concept of cost-benefit analysis refers to comparing the cost incurred and the advantages derived from it in a given activity. It is also termed as benefit-cost analysis and is beneficial for the purpose of right decision making. In relation to the process of cost-benefit analysis, the discounted rate is applied to the flow of cash. In addition to this, the net present value is used for the purpose of comparison (Mishan, 2015).

    As per the cost-benefit analysis, the direct, as well as the indirect effect is considered for the cost being incurred. It is commonly used by the government enterprises in relation to the incurring public ...

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