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    Feedback Loops for Whole Foods Market

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    Identify the opportunites for organizational learning in the feedback loop. Make a case that these are learning opportunities. (Show how the feedback process provides an opportunity for the organization to learn and improve its performance)
    Feedback Loops consisted of:
    -Quality/ Customer feedback/ 365 Product line
    -Setting goals and objectives - Ecosystem Promise/ Protecting the environment

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    Identify the opportunites for organizational learning in the feedback loop. Make a case that these are learning opportunities.

    Organizational learning opportunities within the feedback loop are predicated upon the fact that all business elements are placated upon a cause and effect dynamic wherein nothing ever occurs in isolation. Therefore, the business can learn by understanding that all elements will influence other elements to the extent that eventually, every business element linked within the loop will have an impact on the business. An example of this would be a company that analyzes the level of service that is influencing sales within the organization. The feedback loop would reveal that when employees engage in poor service with customers or when the organization experiences lowered productivity and performance regarding billing and delivery, the sales within the company also decrease. In contrast, what should occur when service quality improves and higher levels of productivity occur with billing and delivery is that the organization should experience more sales. Therefore, the organization can learn through feedback how and why the performance of their employees was poor as well as why the organization experienced lower productivity in its billing and delivery departments by using feedback loops to ...

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