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Organizational Theory

Describe how individual differences influence organizational activities

Task Name: Phase 1 Discussion Board Details: You meet on a semi-regular basis with a managerial networking group. This time, there's a speaker who proposes that performance can be conceptualized as resulting from a combination of individual differences such as personality and ability and the situational context. After he

Creating an organizational paradigm is demonstrated.

Ideas for developing a structure include: a description of a new organizational paradigm and analyze the ways in which an existing organization could operate within that paradigm. This description should be constructed in three distinct sections: 1) A background of the organization that describes the theoretical underpinnin

Organizational Performance

I am writing a 1500 word paper. The major topic is Organizational Performance. I have a subsection which is the integration plan for optimizing the contributions from internal functions. All changes described in this plan should be grounded in the intention of increasing organizational effectiveness. I need help in developing th

Organizational Objectives: purpose and examples

What are organizational objectives? What is the purpose of organizational objectives? What makes an effective organizational objective? What are some examples of organizational objectives for your organization or one which you are familiar? These answers are intended as a survey to a professional inquiry; please base yo

FMC Green River: Concepts in Organizational Behavior

Format and finalize your final analysis for Kenneth Dailey of FMC Green River. The final version should contain information from your incremental work in each unit and additional analysis of two new topics which are: Organizational Change Organizational Development This step is included in the attachment. The steps o

Organizational Design

Each year Fortune magazine publishes a "Most Admired" list of the top companies in America. Firms are rated on these eight dimensions: innovativeness, quality of management, long term investment value, social responsibility to the community and the environment, ability to attract and retain talented people, quality of products a

Organizational Function

Publix Super Market Evaluate how organizational functions (e.g., marketing, finance, human resources, operations, etc.) impact the organizational structure of Publix Super Market.

FMC Aberdeen Case Study: Organizational Analysis

Begin by reading FMC Aberdeen case study. This should be read in its entirety and will be used for all assignments in this course. All of your individual projects will culminate in production of a formal proposal to the Plant Manager. To accomplish that objective, you are to conduct an organizational analysis for Kenneth Dai

Organizational Architecture

Can you have a look this case first, and give me an idea weather you can answer those three questions or not , and how many credits will be? thank you !

Bazerman phenomena mechanisms of organizational self-deception

"To thine own self be true" The familiar words offered to Laertes by his father Polonious in Shakespeare's "Hamlet" also apply within our organizations. Perhaps one of the reasons for the poor performance of most mergers is the tendency of organizational actors to hide from the truth. Bazerman sites two phenomena, positive ill

Duffy-Mott organizational problem: suggest a strategic management alternative

Almost every year at harvest time in upstate New York there are serious conflicts between the Duffy-Mott processing plant and the Apple Growers Association. The Association charges Duffy-Mott with exploitation and devious behaviour in setting exceedingly low prices at which it will buy apples from local growers. Duffy-Mott conte


This solution provides the learner with an explanation of the concept of lobbying and describes the different levels at which lobbying takes place. Further, this solution explains why there is a lack of unity among the umbrella lobbying organizations.

Compare and contrast the organizational structures

Post this presentation as a Microsoft® PowerPoint® slide presentation in which you compare and contrast the organizational structures of your team members' organizations. Evaluate how the organizational functions (i.e., marketing, finance, operations, human resources (HR), etc.) of each organization affect the organizational s

Information Management, Knowledge Management, and Organizations

Please explain the relationship between organizational learning and organizational knowledge and the affect of knowledge management on organizational learning and organizational knowledge pertaining to Knowledge Management and the Learning Organization.

Please answer the following questions in your own words (75 words per question):

1a.) How do individual, team and organizational processes help or hinder the effectiveness of an organization? 1b.) Discuss which of the three processes is most prevalent in your own organization or an organization you know well and analyze the affect it has on that organization. 1c.) In your opinion, which of the three proc

Factors contributing to overall organizational performance.

This solution provides the learner with an understanding of factors attributable with high performing teams. This solution is over 700 words and provides the learner with comprehensive knowledge of factors that aid in improving job satisfaction, improving motivation, and enhancing over employee performance.

Organizational Behavior - XYZ Company

You are an Organizational Behavior consultant and have been asked to come into XYZ Company to find out why production has fallen over the past year. Explain how you would proceed, create a scenario of questions and responses, and explain how you would present the data and make recommendations.

Organizational Diagnostic Models: A Review & Synthesis

Discuss the purpose and utility of diagnosis, and in the remaining modules we will be conducting the actual diagnosis. 1. Explain the purpose and the value of conducting a diagnosis for the Logistics support division 2. Briefly evaluate each of the models presented in the background reading by Falletta 3. Commen

Organizational Function at Microsoft

Evaluate how the organizational functions of Human Resources and Operations impacts the organizational structure of Microsoft. Need a short description for each; Human Resources and Operations.

Aspects of Organizational Cultures

Please help me with the following: Workplace observation paper Prepare a 420 -430 word paper in which you describe the observable aspects of organizational cultures. describe the following aspects at their selected organization (Target is the organization selected) communication practices Mission Standards and behavio

Organizational Development

1. Apply the relevant aspects of the contracting model to the facts of the case. Include in this, the importance of written agreement, spelling out of client-consultant roles, inadequacy of problem as presented by the client, importance of consultant exploration of client goals and expectations. 2. When making statement, foll

Accounting and relevance in actual organizational perspectives

What information or principles can one learn about in accounting that he or she can put to use in a job and how will he or she contribute to the organization's decision-making process? From my own limited perspective, I know understanding financial statements and financial ratios are quite helpful and applicable toward making