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HR: The importance of the department in decision making

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Often in the corporate atmosphere, during the fast paced change environment, HR department was not often consulted in the beginning phrase of change. Critical information to assure smooth transition for changes was not disseminated to the HR department in a timely manner. When included, HR department was often relegated to a secondary position. In your opinion, as an HR professional, what can you do to assure that the voice of HR is not missing during the time of organizational changes?

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It would be important for the HR department to assert itself, and outline the value of the HR department to the top management. This must be done in a positive, civil way, pointing out ways that HR can help with change. HR should be seen as a positive catalyst, not as a road block. Suggestions would include being able to guide change activity within the legalities that ...

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This detailed solution outlines the importance of including HR in corporate changes. It outlines importance of HR's function, and gives examples where human resources can be helpful in driving change for the company. It includes links and examples.