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Organizational Theory

Describe two OD interventions to address problems

Describe two OD interventions one can use to address these problems and change the chosen organization answering the following 6 questions. 1. Research and describe each step in the action research model. 2. Describe two tools OD can use to identify problems in your organization. 3. Analyze how your organization wou

Productive Failure ( Organizational Management)

1. Sometimes things go wrong and it's not always a bad thing. Discuss a time in your organization's history when a change process failed. Explain what happened and what was learned in the process in at least 200 words. 2. What skills are appropriate for a leader of change in a modern organization? How do you cultivate th

Peach Blossom Cologne Company Organizational Chart

Create a simple org chart using the details below. Org Chart The company is organized into five departments (1) administrative, (2) accounting, (3) financial, (4) production, and (5) sales. Information concerning the administrative, accounting, and related financial responsibilities of the various employees of Peach Blossom

Organizational Decision Making

The constant shifts in the marketplace require business organizations to continually react and adapt. As different departments within organizations adapt to changes, the accounting department often finds itself in a reactive position, especially if it is not involved in some of the decisions made by senior executives or other de

All Kinds of Organizational Tools

When considering information as a tool you may want to also consider the fact that there are competing tools in any organization. As current or potential managers we can easily fall into the trap of thinking that information technology tools are generally accepted as more important than other tools within the organization. Not n

Organizational Diagnosis of System Models

Reviewing systems models of organizations: Identified three to five possible issues that might occur in an organization. The issues are clearly drawn from the organizational system model and make a connection to organizational behavior. Provided possible preventative measures and/or corrective actions for each of th

Organizational Learning through Networks

Organizational Learning through Networks I really need help in comparing and contrast between the organizational learning that occurs in a closed social unit and in an open social unit. I need to analyze the ways in which each type of unit strengthens an organization's ability to interact within the global environment. I

Explain the concept of tying performance to organizational goals

Can you help me with this assignment? A strategic purpose for a well-blended compensation program, one that includes various types of direct compensation, is gaining employee commitment and productivity. One of the most effective tactics for this strategy is designing a process for linking individual achievement to organizat

Organizational Outputs at Nutrisystem Inc.

BACKGROUND Outputs are not complicated to understand. At the Organization level, they are the products and services that are provided to customers. (It can also be the value provided to owners, but we are not going to consider this here.) The primary way that a company measures its performance is financially: Sales, Profit, R

Intra Organizational Relationships within RDT & SCT

Intra Organizational Relationships within RDT & SCT I need help to research two or three additional journal articles that explore or analyze differing views on intra-organizational relationships and compare and contrast their key principles and concepts. Explain how the concept of intra-organizational relationships fits into

Describe why development of executives is so critical to executive organizational functioning. If a limited budget forced you to prioritize your management training, in general, would you focus on executives, middle managers, or front-line managers? Why?

Please help with the following problem. Describe why development of executives is so critical to executive organizational functioning. If a limited budget forced you to prioritize your management training, in general, would you focus on executives, middle managers, or front-line managers? Why?

Managerial Accounting for Organizational Performance

The Group Project for this course provides an opportunity to bring together the knowledge and insights that you have gained from this course and work as a group to create a section of a balanced scorecard for Anthony's Orchards. The project was introduced in Week 6. Each group was assigned a section of the balanced scorecard. Th

Cruise Line challenges of strategic growth and effectiveness

See attached files. Case 15: Allure Cruise Line: Challenges of strategic growth and organizational effectiveness (Part 4) Read the following case from your textbook: (open the other attachments for the article) P.S: Please read well this post before decide to comment about it, or leave it for the next OTAs, thank you

Significant Effects of Poor Organizational Design

Using an example analysis of poor organizational design , what are the most significant effects on the organization? What might be the best way to make an improvement to the organizational design? What positive result would you anticipate from such an improvement?

Organizational Focus and Goals - McDonalds

Select your current organization or an organization you are familiar with to complete the following assignment. You have been hired as an outside consultant to help an organization strengthen employee development. Write an executive summary that answers the following questions: - What is the organization's

Three Models of Organizational Development

Organizational Development practitioners often use models to assist in identifying organizational problems. Discuss these three models; Force- Field Analysis Model, Cause maps and Social Network Analysis, and Difference-Integration model Give an example of a situation in which the model would be useful in diagnosing prob

Technology Implementation, Impact, & Organizational Philosophies

Give me guidance on developing an analytical paper based on articles and/or readings that: Preferably Hewlett-Packard - Must include conclusion and references Details how a new technology system should be implemented and/or introduced to a company. Include your recommendations as if you were the manager in charge of implement

Organizational context and issues affecting employee performance.

I need to write a paper on organizational contexts. I need help understanding the assignment and planning how to start writing. I also would like references to consult when writing the paper. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ? Examine the unique organizational conte