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Good Organizational Citizenship And Whistleblowing

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1. In what ways do you feel good organizational citizens and whistle-blowers contribute to the well-being of the organizations in which they work?

2. Bill has taken a job with another accounting firm. He quickly discovers that the norms from his previous employer (maximum billable hours, 80 hours weeks, etc.) are the same here. This is an example of a norm developing because of:

A. carryovers from other situations.

B. an explicit statement by a superior.

C. precedents set over time.

D. critical events in the group's history.

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The solution discusses ways that good organizational citizens and white-blowers contribute to the well-being of the organizations in which they work.

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I believe that good organizational citizens and whistleblowers contribute to their organizations, due to the fact that these individuals have taken the time to analyze the current situation within the organization, and detected wrongdoings or inefficient procedures, and have brought these issues to the attention of their superiors and or the public ...

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